WOW Dollar tree Haul !

WOW Dollar tree Haul !

Wonderful Starting up once again 5 $ Dollar Tree Survival Series this Time I bought some things that Can Be Used in a Emergency ,Do they Work and are they worth the Money? Well ON Video I show you first hand and you decide !!!

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Homestead Tessie

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Who Is Homestead Tessie ? In 2007 We were Deep In Debt Over 300,000 .When the Real Estate Collapsed ,We were Left with 3 Houses what would Not Sell .We were House Flippers we would Buy Homes and Fix them Up to resell .
At the same Time ,I had a life threatening Accident ,We sold everything We Owned and Started On A Path to EXTREME FRUGAL LIFE .Homesteading On Little Funds .We Live on About 10,000 a Year ,and Life very Self Sufficiently !

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25 thoughts on “WOW Dollar tree Haul !

  1. cool finds! dont forget everyone to hit that like button!

  2. Pyramid schemes will always suck. One guy will make money the rest are lucky to break even

  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. omg I feel the same way about MLMs. I'm glad you addressed it the way you did. So…..I have to get matches LOL…totally didn't think about matches. I have a lot of the lighters, but not many matches.

  5. When I first started to do my food storage I was disheartened because there's no way I can afford to buy the expensive options. Learning how to glean, shop sales, dehydrate and can has opened up my eyes to a better and more frugal way to store food. It's sustainable and it is a lot cheaper to eat when you are eating from your storage. I wish that I had started sooner it would have helped my family greatly during harder times. It's never too late to learn new things!

  6. I love those lanterns—I have 4 of your second one. Just in case of snowstorms. Thanks for you nice video.👍😀🌟

  7. If you have your recipe for that 100 lumen lantern, exchange it for one of those other lanterns that work better. They wont give you your money back, but you can exchange it for what you do want. Waste not want not.

  8. Tessie what do you use for cleaning products?

  9. Thanks so much for this video, you always have so much helpful information

  10. I will be going to get those tomorrow . Better than flashlights. ❤️

  11. how long before the battery is dead on the blue one?

  12. Nice finds and good ideas. I do my matches in glass jars as well!

  13. S L

    I meant multi-level marketing😊 not multimarketing.

  14. S L

    Hi Tessie, I totally understood where you were coming from. I have had many experiences over the years with multimarketing where people tried to get me to buy and sell stuff. I cannot tolerate it because my conscience would never allow me to do that. I really like that lantern light and the one that looks like a bulb. I think I'm going to get one for my dad. How heavy is the one shaped like a bulb? I suppose its too big to attach to car keys huh? Love you and thank you!

  15. I have a lightbulb one in my bed at all times. I used it at least once a night or day. It has lasted me over a month so far. Well worth getting. Blessings to you

  16. We do not have dollar tree stores. But when i went to florida on vacation i bought a couple of lights.

  17. Good morning Tessie girl. Thanks for showing me those lanterns. I'm in need for my 3rd floor. I have electric although there is many nooks & crannies I need light for. For 3 years I've wanted to organize that space with just christmas. My journey started yesterday, I'm smitten so far with my progress.

  18. Great video! Thanks for sharing with us Tessie. Have a blessed day 🙏

  19. Nice product test. You are correct, not everything at the $store is so great. I try to look and see where a product or food is sourced from before I buy and avoid things from certain countries. Power strips and other electronic items I'm selective with because of the risk of fire. Also certain plastic products that might contain lead and other hazardous materials. What you say comes from a good heart and is encouraging to others. There will always be people that are critical and negative. They should keep quiet or find something better to do !! Keep up the good work ! Thumbs up

  20. Tessie, just love your pantry, such a beauty to look at. Keep up with your great stewardship of the earth. We need to involve more people to do what you do and keep waste and garbage to a minimum. That is the way to help the planet, not just talk about it but so something about it! Love you girl!

  21. I have the blue latern style and love it

  22. Thanks i was needing a lite, now i know which one i want

  23. My dad taught us to coat matches in candle wax to be water proof. I find that it pays in the long run to buy the good name brand batteries. ☺💖🙏

  24. Just subscribed to your channel. I love your outlook on life. Keep shining and posting your wonderful videos. You inspire others to live their best life ! 😊

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