Which Company Will DOMINATE the 24 Billion Dollar Medical Market? Aurora, Aphria, Cronos or Canopy?

Which Company Will DOMINATE the 24 Billion Dollar Medical Market? Aurora, Aphria, Cronos or Canopy?

Great Global Medical Market 2020-2024 | Evolving Opportunities With Aphria Inc. Aurora Inc. Canopy Growth and Cronos.

Saudi Aramco raises $25.6 billion in the world’s biggest IPO

Companies: Aurora, Canopy Growth, Cronos, Aphria
Industry: MJ

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27 thoughts on “Which Company Will DOMINATE the 24 Billion Dollar Medical Market? Aurora, Aphria, Cronos or Canopy?

  1. What do u think about CVSI?

  2. An interview with acb ceo would be fabulous

  3. Keep abc low for 2 more months hopefully. I only have 20, chronos and canopy are way to high yet.

  4. Like your vids- not too long and moves quickly along indicating good prep work – time invested in making these good video and not just rants. Thank you, very appreciated!

  5. Aurora will be just fine, there is plenty of investor capital keeping the company on both feet in these rocky times. Their innovation and long term prospects should definitly not be overlooked and we have to accept that there will be some nail biter moments on this rollercoaster. Accurate valuations are still nearly impossible to pinpoint this early in the game so if it keeps dropping, buy that shit up. Dont continue to short the stock whenever a problem we dont fully understand arises. Like Aaron says, and I completely agree, "Invest incrementally and diversify".
    Green rush is going to make us some money one day so keep the faith and buy that muthafuckin' dip😉

  6. I think for the "medical" CBD/THC market … Big Pharma is waiting (and doing their own R&D) . Might be a few years yet.
    Recreational sector will be strongest in the U.S. once it becomes legal federally. Canada is over-saturated for it's market size.
    It's gonna get bloodier. Good vids ! thx for sharing.

  7. It’s my channel and I can talk about whatever I want. 🤣
    Right on!!
    Get your own channel haters😎

  8. Thank you for your hard work…..I think Cronos will be #1

  9. I dont think people understand the medical market fully to know this questions answer. Dry flower is sugar cane

  10. Canntrust is in no way a buying opportunity for me. Never trust a company that fooled you once. Never!

  11. Trump is so out of his league here, that's why other world leaders laugh at him.

  12. Doesn’t matter, one of them gonna buy each other out.

  13. Drift by Aurora a new cbd product line. Read link from Yahoo finance acb comments to site The product list is quite extensive. Also , read an Instagram post that stated info about Drift will be out Jan. 2020. Sounds promising.

  14. Check TGOD ITS got a lot happening soon just wanted to let you check it out


  16. High Tide dilution (about 1M shares) to pay for interest on new round of unsecured convertible debentures. What's interesting is that Aphria and Aurora both have a stake in this company.

  17. In case if Booth or/and Battley come/s on your show, ask him or them the toughest questions. We can even turn in questions in advance for them to consider.

  18. Read the news that ACB is having some hiccups in Germany and Italy recently. Don't totally understand what the deal is. But I hope that they address whatever the thing is above and beyond what the German is asking for. I still have a super positive view of the ACB management. They don't seem to be the kind that would cut corners for short term gains. Hopefully it's just a little hiccup. They won't the most cultivation lots from Germany. Hopefully they continue to make great products, comply with the local authority, keep building a good name and good rapport. And if they are able to produce cheap, high quality, consistent cannabis as they claim they can, they should be able to get a big piece of that medical cannabis pie.

  19. Sorry to say this guys but to me the cannabis market for stock is dead and with all the short sellers out there its your baby have a ball.

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