What You Shouldn’t & Should Buy At The Dollar Tree

What You Shouldn’t & Should Buy At The Dollar Tree

Wonderful Shopping at any dollar store is fun and ridiculously easy on the wallet, there are certain things you should avoid buying, and this video will tell you just what exactly those things are!

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It doesn’t matter what your income is, the dollar tree is a haven for everyone. We all know that the rule “you get what you paid for” applies to most things in life, including dollar tree products. It can be ridiculously fun to shop at the dollar tree. Whether it be going on a shopping spree for items for your new apartment, or just shopping for party supplies, the dollar tree seems to literally have everything. From cheap do it yourself products to everything in between, the dollar tree can seem like heaven for people who want to go on a cheap shopping spree.

Here are some things that you absolutely should buy at the dollar tree!

Party supplies and gift wrap. The dollar tree has some pretty amazing do it yourself products that you can use to make party supplies and gifts. And, of course, seasonal decorations, gift bags, wrapping paper, and cards the dollar tree the go-to place for all things that involve decorating and parties. Dollar stores dedicate aisles for this kind of stuff and it’s what they’re best at, particularly temporary goods for things like events. Party prep is never fully done without a trip to the dollar store.

Glassware. Most of the glass products at your local dollar tree are just as good as the stuff you find in Walmart. This includes: drinking glasses, frames, vases, decorative bowls and mugs. Dollar stores have a lot of different colors and styles in all of those items, so you’re bound to find something you like. The dollar tree is one of the best places to shop for things you need for your apartment – especially fi you just move in somewhere and need a whole laundry list of new items. The glassware is ridiculously cheap, and whether you need new cups, forks, knives, or even handy things like laundry bins, you better believe that the dollar tree has it. You can potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars by shopping at the dollar store as opposed to bigger stores like walmart, where you are likely to pay much, much more for the same items.

Cleaning supplies. When it comes to cleaning supplies, most of them all contain the same ingredients that get the job done. It may not have the same appealing packaging as big brands or the same exquisite scent, but dollar tree cleaning supplies are just as good as brand-name when it comes to cleaning.

Candy. Candy is candy no matter where you buy it and the dollar tree has all the same brands you’ll find anywhere else. Most of the time, you can get the same chocolate bars or sweet treats for a fraction of the price you would at a convenience store. You can buy a ridiculous amount of candy at the dollar tree for a ridiculously low rice, which is why it is one of the best places to stock up on candy. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also satisfy your sweet tooth!

Hair accessories. While you should probably err on the side of caution when it comes to actual hair products, hair accessories are fair game. From elastic bands to barrettes to scrunchies, the dollar tree usually has some incredible bargains compared to more commercialized outlets.

Do it yourself items: the dollar tree has all sorts of crafts and handy do it yourself products and tools you can buy that can help you make pretty much any craft. Whether you’re thinking of making something for your home or are considering making a unique gift for a friend, the dollar store has everything you need. If you’re a do it yourself type of person, the dollar tree is probably your second home, and we don’t blame you!

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30 thoughts on “What You Shouldn’t & Should Buy At The Dollar Tree

  1. What are some things that you refuse to buy at the dollar tree? And what are some of your go-to items when go on a shopping spree at the dollar tree? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Don't like buying food at Dollar tree. I wonder ifit's slale or almost bad .!

  3. I'll buy whatever I want from the dollar tree

  4. If I see can food I like I read where does come from, and expiration date, nothing Taiwan or China, India if it’s made in USA I’m good !

  5. Skip buying batteries at the Dollar Tree! They don't last AT ALL. Spend the your money on some good batteries instead, you'll get a better deal in the long run guaranteed!

  6. If they sell unsafe fire/health hazard products would'nt the FCC shut them down ? Well duh … This is all about competition , Right ?

  7. Frozen foods, great assortment of dried fruits, salted nut snacks, etc, toilet paper and tissues, reading glasses, love Dollartree. Thanks for the heads up on the electronics…

  8. I have to agree and disagree with. you, my dollar tree sells brand names. now, as far as cleaning stuff I do not buy from there. and as far as cups some of the glass wear is messed up. Hair products I buy but not all the time. it really depends on where you go. Like Christmas stuff, I do not buy from there. It has its ups and downs. I rather go to 5 below and shop they have really nice stuff there

  9. I disagree about the food products. My Dollar Tree sells name brand named canned, dry and frozen foods. Their candy is always fresh. They also have speciality foods that I have found at Earth Fare. I just purchased a couple of jars of Coconut Oil in a brand that I've used before from Earth Fare. Last visit, I found Pink Himalayan salt in 2 lb bags. You just have to be on the look out for speciality items. One of my favorite purchases is the Yardley London soaps. Best moisturizing bar soaps and even found the Charcoal Clarifying ones last visit. I am very careful to read labels and I do not purchase items made in China or with products from China. In the spring I purchase garden seeds (4 for $1) and they are "Heirloom" and "Organic" seeds. Flower pots and other garden items are great deals as well. I agree about the cleaning products, I purchase most of those at $ Tree. This video evidently was not posted by informed $ Tree customers.

  10. Cleaning supplies… NO, they are watered down! especially the dish soaps.

  11. Don't buy condoms from here…uhhh


  13. Yeah, right. Like wealthy people would ever shop at the Dollar Tree.

  14. i noticed that the Dollar tree canned goods are higher than grocery stores and Walmart. I think people just buy because it's convenient if you are already there rather than spend gas to go somewhere else. I buy the plastic bins for storage of items in my craft room and dvds etc. I also use them to sort products in the pantry. Avoid the ink pens they have enough ink for one sentence. Their cross word puzzles and coloring books are a bargain.

  15. This video sounds like someone has something against the dollar tree industry etc..

  16. My son bought electronics from dollar tree

  17. I buy shampoo, toothpaste, multi packs of toothbrushes, paper towels, toilet paper, usually the store brand of Angel Soft, deodorant, notepads, lined paper, pens, kitchen matches, fireplace matches for candles in tall glass. Once I bought supplies to make a wreath and my husband used a coat hanger to make it. We hung it on the door of our apartment. Some idiot stole the wreath the second year we hung it. Cost $4 to make.

  18. 👍I have special credentials and knowledge about this topic and I approve of this video. It’s the truth. Thank you for not posting a BS clickbait video. 💞

  19. Cards and gift bags are great but avoid the wrapping paper. It's tears too easily and isn't even worth $1.

  20. I buy the car chargers from DT.2 of them I have had for 3 years.

  21. A friend of mine had a bottle of B complex vitamins from The Dollar Tree. Another friend was feeling weak, tired, and woozy. Clarita felt much better and was energized after about thirty minutes, after taking a B vitamin complex with a slice of bread and some water. 😁

  22. Can food is the same I buy at grocery store. They are name brand ..

  23. What to buy at dollar tree…nothing

  24. This sounds bias. I would like some back up research to support this

  25. In defense of Dollar Tree – plastic wares are the same no matter where you buy them. So to ding them for that you would also have to ward off Walmart, etc. As for the food, I have yet to become sick from any Dollar Tree food and since I have seasoning at home, making it taste better isn't hard to accomplish. I would suggest the contact paper, storage containers, and glassware. Cleaning products are great but have lower quantities.

  26. I'd add, doggie bags, hot pads and hot dogs. Our Dollar store sells hot dogs–packs of 8 hot dogs for just $1. Gross!

  27. Learning tools, teachers supplies, greeting cards

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