Wonderful Hey guys! Every Saturday I share my weekly grocery haul and meal plan for my family of 6. Today I picked up a few items from both Costco and HEB. I am participating in a freezer challenge for this month because my freezers are pretty well stocked so most of our dinners will be inspired by what I already have on hand.

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  1. I have to be honest Vanessa , I don’t know how anyone can eat pork rinds. I have tried and can’t do it!!!

  2. T G

    Love watching the meal plans …. it gives me some great ideas for my family. Thanks Vanessa.

  3. Thanks for adding the weekly meal plan back in

  4. Yes I love your meal planning!!! Love your blogs!!!!

  5. Yes I love ❤️ the meal plan because it gives me ideals for meals for my own family

  6. I just ordered the digital version of the meal planner. This is the first week I'm using it and I'm super excited! We are are a family of 6 as well but I have 4 teens(18,17,16,13) and we go thru 3 gallons of milk a week and A LOT of cereal lol.

  7. Love having the meal plans back! This week, I'm doing Chili and salad, Chicken stir fry and pot stickers

  8. I enjoy the meal planning videos, I always feel like it gives me dinner ideas. That meal planner is great, I love the tear off grocery list…what a great idea! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. I love that you added the meal plan back in! 🍽

  10. Love it! Glad you added the menu plan back! Need more freezer meal preps.

  11. Love the meal plan it gives me ideas if I don’t know what to make for dinner.

  12. I like meal plan added back in. Hope your feeling better.

  13. I like when you also share your meal plan….gives me ideas for mine 😁

  14. Great vid! I want to do this sometime!👏🏻👏🏻
    Like and new subscriber! Let’s support each other! Please check out my channel and subscribe back! Thank you!😀🙏

  15. I like seeing the meal plan! 👍🏾

  16. So glad you're in for the freezer challenge! Cannot wait to see everyone's results at the end of the month👍

  17. Awesome haul! I like the meal planning!

  18. What makes the apples Disney apples?.. Don't have them in Australia.

  19. I love when you share your meal plan it gives me ideas of what I can prepare for myself, you always have great ideas. I finally made the pork with cranberry sauce, honey and minced onion. I didn't have the whole berry cranberry sauce so I had to substitute the regular one. It was delicious! I will absolutely be making it again. 😋👍

  20. I like meal plan back in ty great haul

  21. C W

    Nice video. Love the meal planning.

  22. I love the freezer meal challenges!

  23. Also would like the freezer, pantry and fridge tours and thank you for putting back the meal plans. TFS and take care………..

  24. When did you stop buying m and m yogurt for Rose?

  25. Whatever happened to your Ninja Foodi? Do you still have it? If Yes, do you still use it? Like it or meh? Would love to see an update on it. I got one for Christmas and I love it. I've used it at least once almost everyday (I don't have an IP tho). Hoping you feel better soon.

  26. Love your sharing your meal plans. Love the meal planner book, I love lemon everything!

  27. Please keep it in! Happy New Year! Just love your channel!

  28. Glad you added the meal plan back in. I love your videos. Always getting ideas from them. Thanks and keep 'em coming. ❤

  29. I no longer live in Texas, and I miss HEB…😟 They always have such great deals!

  30. I appreciate your adding the meal plan back in.

  31. I started a freezer challenge after Christmas! We have a family trip to Disney next month so I am saving where I can this month! I LOVE AN EMPTY FREEZER

  32. Really good haul. I was wondering if you have tried the cauliflower hashbrowns from green giant? If you get a chance you should try them. I think you would really like them. Especially Paige.

  33. Great haul and awesome meal plan.

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