We Tested Viral 5 Minute FOOD HACKS…. (and this is what happened…)

We Tested Viral 5 Minute FOOD HACKS…. (and this is what happened…)

Awesome We searched the internet for the most viral food hacks and this is what we found…. are these 5 minute crafts real? or all for show…….
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Hi I’m Brennen. I’ve been eating food for 24 years. I’m basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

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25 thoughts on “We Tested Viral 5 Minute FOOD HACKS…. (and this is what happened…)

  1. 13:00 shit looks disgusting as fuck. Who the fuck eats a raw ass burger. Next time com that shit a bit longer.

  2. The vinegar eats the egg shell away.

  3. Brennen I have a question what app do I have to text u on

  4. 6:25 lol it does work but your weren't suppose to bounce it that high. I did it in 3rd grade

  5. sushi is made with white sticky rice…

  6. Try bounce the egg from a less height

  7. The one who call you in the night that was me

  8. You bounce it so high
    It will never gonna work if you drop it that hugh

  9. I wonder how much time Brennen spends watching 5 minute crafts 😂

  10. Bb lets add some food coloring! Lool I love you locito😉😋

  11. U dropped the egg from so high xD

  12. In the egg bounce vid she only had to drop the egg low not THAT high lmao

  13. The bouncy egg hack does actually work, it does bounce, we did this during school as a lab it might have to sit for 24-48 hours though.

  14. hey brennen actually the bouncy egg "hack" would actually work if u didnt bounce it from that high bc if u see in the video they bounced it at a very low low height :p

  15. Life Is hard pulls out chromebook

  16. Do a video with faze rug going back to chucke cheese and be detectives that you guy's said. Love your vids🖤🖤🖤🖤plz put on shout out plz.

  17. Sorry about the misspelling I’m a dumb

  18. The egg one did not work because they bounced it low not high

  19. I'm dead, the text me sign in the back.

  20. The sushi would have probably worked with sticky rice, I was interested to see that hack tho hahah I love sushi 💙

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