WE STILL HAVE A SAFE to open from the pallets we bought at the abandoned moving storage auction

WE STILL HAVE A SAFE to open from the pallets we bought at the abandoned moving storage auction

Awesome This is part 7 of “Pallet Mania”. I went to my first pallet auction at a local moving and storage company, and bought 10 pallets!

We still have one tote left to go through, and I’ve been saving this for last… because there’s a SAFE! Let’s see what’s inside.

Also we’ll recap the sales thus far and see how profitable this adventure was for Locker Nuts.

What was in the safe? How much profit was stored in these pallets? You’ll have to stay tuned and find out. Come along with us for another storage locker adventure, and get a taste of what makes us Locker Nuts.

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Locker Nuts episode 201

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37 thoughts on “WE STILL HAVE A SAFE to open from the pallets we bought at the abandoned moving storage auction

  1. Happy New Year Everyone!! Tune in tomorrow night @6pm for our last LIVE of the decade ✨✨✨

  2. That opening is the best!!! I thought it was coming and you stioo got me!

  3. Have you ever found ER tv show dvd or dvd set

  4. the shirt said entyce yes sledge hammer and one of few people who pronounce it right. I can't believe that pipe did not break.!!!

  5. Hope you & your family had a nice Christmas 🎄!

  6. Thing in the newspaper looks like it could’ve been a blow dart 🔫

  7. 11:10 stick being made into a Native American Flute. Not a Peace Pipe.

  8. I know men find demolishing safes satisfying. I on the other hand find getting a code, card, key or other way to not damage the safe so it can be sold much more satisfying. It would be nice to see how hard or easy it would be to obtain them and the cost. Maybe just once as a one off video. Just a suggestion you do you lol Thanks Jack

  9. Hey bro, no harm intended, ya need to trim your beard, get rid of the wild hair, just saying.

  10. New subscriber here. Got to see view a few of your videos as they showed up on my you tube feed. Very well made videos. Basics. Easy talk. No drama. Lots of information on what's been going on and where you're at. Offering to sell to your viewers. Kids could watch these. You have a new fan.

  11. SoI guess you could say the safe was not 'all it was cracked up to be'. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. If you sell all the Records separately you will definetly make much more money in the end.

  13. Definitely incredible find in safe. Memorabilia. The other thing next to it is so sad. Great sales! 💕 See you guys tomorrow night. A lot of channels ask the viewers to register before the auction. Just a thought.

  14. Please, please, please take a look at the Lock Picking Lawyer channel. You could pick, without destroying, these safes.
    $100 safe turned into 50 cents of recyc metal.

  15. I love this live auction addition. Great 💡

  16. Dang, looking for early 70’s Genesis LP’s, Love ❤️ to have the collection of “Smith’s LP’s, Rush Lp’s, YES Lp’s, B52’s LP’s all my favorite

  17. Happy almost New Year! Another great video Jack. ai loved your girls video the other day! Greg, I hope you get to feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you go through the Magic cards with Jack.

  18. If you ever find any Stray Cats stuff or rockabilly, please keep me in mind!

  19. I loved your girls the other day….they are such cuties….thanks for sharing

  20. From California It's Monday Night LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. In the thumbnail, I thought you were holding a banana. LOL

  22. Just started watching you’re channel 👋🏽👋🏽

  23. It's a shame that you cannot find another way to open a safe without beating the c#%p out of it. Still it seems to be one of your favorite exercise programs. 😁. And Happy New Year! 😋

  24. Great story and enjoyed very much. 💕😂👍👍🤗

  25. The most patient man in the business…..

  26. Jack ate u part Ferengi? Rules of acquisition

  27. Jack why don't you get one of those guns you found and take out your neighbors rooster! Lol
    Happy New Year

  28. Oh no you cant control me . Im fast forwarding to the safe and than rewinding to watch it all 😂

  29. Another great video, Jack! 😁


  31. your going to see the hawks beat the 9ers AGAIN lol going to be epic

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