We Bought 1 Item From Every Store In the Mall!

We Bought 1 Item From Every Store In the Mall!

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Remember the times when you were a kid and you’d go to the mall wether it was to pick up a birthday gift, get Christmas presents or maybe even just eat dinner? But, while you were there you’d ask your parents if you could, “pleaseeeee get something?” even though you knew they’d come up with some kind of excuse? Yea, me too but that’s okay because today, you’ll get to live out that fantasy with me. Tanner and I, along with some friends, went to the mall and bought a product from EVERY SINGLE STORE!! While we were there we had a friendly competition to see who could get the best products — winner gets to keep EVERYTHING. With that said, buckle kids, we’re going shopping and our parents can’t tell us no!


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46 thoughts on “We Bought 1 Item From Every Store In the Mall!

  1. Yo those Nikes with the roses were hecka cute bro

  2. He's a certified astronaut in the "Kerbal space program"

  3. Watch time 12:30 at the back you will see something

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I love the office!!!! I've seen all the 9 seasons 7 times!!!

  5. I was so happy when i saw Matthias was back

  6. 4:20 Michael looks like Trevor baptiste the pro lacrosse player

  7. Can u have the BTS Pillow plzzz

  8. Who looks at comments while the video goes?

  9. Did anyone else hear an eco in their voice every time they spoke

  10. Hold on I didn’t know Matt had another child!!!!?? AH YA CONGRATS

  11. There is no s on le buddies so it’s pronounced ler

  12. I'm not a jimin stan, IM OT7 AND I LOVEEEE BTSSS

  13. A J

    please tell me i'm not the only one who noticed the way tanner looked at robert this entire video like,,, sir

  14. Is that the dead rising 2 map

  15. You should of got the naruto backpack!!!

  16. puts on the moldy red helmet, complains of smell…. dies six weeks later

  17. Robert:wait to the end
    Me:can't wait till end
    Robert:says in slow motion
    Me:skips to the end

  18. 7:28 I hope they know what they just bought

  19. What happened to buying only 1 item in each store. Lol

  20. 13:52 I went 😐 when Matthias asks this question

  21. Hot topic store

    They buy 2 items with references to the office (US) without noticing and I wanted to scream at them so bad

  22. 10:12 you will see a guy wearing a faze rug merch what a coincidence

  23. Why did I think this was a Mrbeast video?

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