Watch Me Build A Profitable Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnels In 10 Minutes [FULL TUTORIAL]

Watch Me Build A Profitable Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnels In 10 Minutes [FULL TUTORIAL]

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Watch me build a clickfunnels page that generates thousands of dollars without any technical experience

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In today’s video, I am going to cover exactly how to build a clickfunnels without having any technical experience

Clickfunnels is an overhyped landing page tool that gives you the ability to set up landing pages, order pages, membership pages, and much more

I currently have a clickfunnels landing page that is generating around $12,500 per month using organic traffic from Google & Youtube

The goal with a clickfunnels landing page is to convert traffic into a paying customer or as a new email subscriber.

Your landing page should have one offer and not be like a website where there are a million options for the user. By having a direct offer it forces the customer to think quickly on their feet.

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27 thoughts on “Watch Me Build A Profitable Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnels In 10 Minutes [FULL TUTORIAL]

  1. Wow. Thank you for giving us informations. DELAV. Cashflow is also make tutorials about clickfunnels and make money online. Be sure to check him out. Its a very good channel

  2. thank you! thank you! thank you! i was 3 days in with no actual help and about to cancel. i truly believe i can now make an actual funnel. they should hire you to do all their training. they talk way to much and repeat just too much nonsense.

  3. hey sir …who do you use for your thumbnails??

  4. hey sir …who do you use for your thumbnails??

  5. hey sir …who do you use for your thumbnails??

  6. Dude, there was so much actionable, technical information in this video that I couldn't find within CF's pages after 3 hours of searching. THANK YOU!! I even learned some stuff about SEO and tracking that I didn't even know I didn't know. Nice video!

  7. Thank you for making this video. You have helped me so much!!

  8. What is the total cost of creating a funnel with ClickFunnels? Say I were to purchase the $97/year package, would I have to pay for a domain host, domain security, etc. ? Also, would you recommend integrating CartFlow & Elementor into building a funnel with ClickFunnels?

    This is a great & insightful video. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your lack of self esteem is obvious in your videos.

  10. creating and designing a funnel is not a big deal .most people are waiting to see how to get traffic and convert to there any video regarding that step wise???thanks

  11. after i design the funnel how am i gonna get traffic .hoe to get free trafiic and does free traffic converts to sale or not.or do i need to run paid ad campaings???

  12. Thanks Ruan! Great video I saved the link and subscribed.

  13. could I use clickfunnels for amazon sales

  14. This is awesome am going to come see you soon

  15. Hello. With click funnels. Are you able to sell the funnel to someone after making it? Without selling them a click funnel membership? Thanks appreciate it

  16. No way, that dental office is close to me lol.

  17. Extremely informative but the audio is somewhat irritating due to the fact there are numerous bits of background noise being picked up that shouldn't be.

  18. Awesome tutorial. I was so frustrated with all the training and videos. They were so overwhelming but you Ruan put it in a way that I understood right away. Thank you for such great resource.

  19. I was able to quit my fulltime job after 7 months doing affiliate marketing. The very first step to starting any online business is learning to create sales funnels. There is no way around it. I actually found a great program that taught me how and it changed my life!

  20. Love the guide! Share more info on how to save time to great the ClickFunnels page. Thank you!

  21. BTW, the click funnel pages are really annoying. When i see one, i closed inmediatly, it no look professional, it look like bunch of boring comercial stuffs. And the videos, some are so extensive, i just want to buy the stuff and i can't, that annoying me so much.

  22. Damn, the first video of clickfunnel that made me sense. Maybe the rest will be easy to understand. I will blow you all people, i'm a serious developer software and i can do thing that even in your dream could do… whatch me in a 4 month starting now.

  23. 30 Days FREE clickfunnels 😯😯 ( instead of the 15 days ) πŸ”₯ YouTube EXCLUSIVE

  24. Why Ruan Why? You know deep down inside clickfunnels sucks balls lol.

    (Edited because I commented before watching the video, and you mention how clickfunnels actually sucks but in a nice way. Lol)

  25. thanks for the info.. but that microphone needs work, too much low noise.

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