Watch Gang Black Subscription Full 12 Month Review!!! Is Watch Gang Black Worth It?

Watch Gang Black Subscription Full 12 Month Review!!! Is Watch Gang Black Worth It?

Super A look at all 12 watches I’ve received so far from my Watch Gang Black Subscription. Below is the links for the box openings and follow ups for each watch.

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Box opening
Follow up

March Egard
Box Opening
Follow up

April Citizen Titanium
Box opening
Follow up

May Original Grain
Box opening
Follow up

June Balmer Phantom
Box Opening
Follow Up

July Chronologia
Box Opening
Follow up

August TW Steel
Box opening
Follow up

September Aramd Basi
Box Opening
Follow up

October Grayton
Box Opening
Follow up

November Deep Blue
Box opening
Follow up

December Szanto Desert sands
Box opening
Follow Up

January Heritor
Box Opening
Follow Up

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46 thoughts on “Watch Gang Black Subscription Full 12 Month Review!!! Is Watch Gang Black Worth It?

  1. Like I say, watch collecting is about personal preference. Anyone who scoffs at your collection, blah blah blahing about lack of heritage and poor horologie is full of shit. Most idiot collectors buy based on what others hype on, not because they have a mind of their own. A watch collection with pieces that have stories is alot more interesting than a "greatest hits collection" that is meaningless.

  2. I thought about doing watch gang but I think I'll pass. I like the idea of being exposed to o new watch but so many are not my taste

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I am just starting to get into watches. I don't really care about the brand (yet) and as I am just starting to get into watches I was VERY curious about Watch Gang. Obviously reading through these comments they aren't the highest class of watches, but overall I think they look fine. I see what they were going for here and as for someone who doesn't really know ANYTHING about watches, this looks pretty cool.

  4. 11:32 oooor you could buy a samurai PADI edition for less than that, smh. Why would you want to "collect" a literal pile of NH35 and miyota quartz watches?

  5. I dont understand the style profile. Why do you even have to choose your styles if they send everybody the same watches?

  6. Thanks for the review. LOL at some of the pretentious comments. Not everyone is trying to show everyone their financial status by the watches they wear. Not everyone is so into watches that they want to anticipate and lust after overly-expensive Rolex that every other millionaire on the planet owns. Some people just want a collection of fun/nice/unique watches.

  7. Get on "Beaverbrooks" and get a "Planet Ocean" for £93 a month of het a load of cheap tat….. Hmmmm…. 😀

  8. Glad did research on this u can easily get multiple decent cheap watches instead an seiko skx a khaki king an orient multiple seiko sarbs some cheaper oris fredrique constants plenty more so this seems terrible

  9. So how does it work? You paid a monthly subscription plus the price of the watch?

  10. Put the watch down and stop moving around, this movement sucks

  11. You should have ArchieLuxury review that collection. He'd have a heart attack and I'd get a good laugh.

  12. I never knew there were so many piles of dogshit brands In the world

  13. By the time I got to the TW steel. That damn thing is monstrous. Hello to the no on most of them.

  14. Toxic Sludge man, Absolute Garbage my friend. You need to get out of Watch Gang, NOW! They are the worst decision to ever make when it comes to spending money on watches. They are a CRIMINAL organization. You could have saved that $1,200 for a fuckin ROOOOWWWLLLEEEEECCKKKKKSSS! Or a Omega Speedmaster MAN ON THE PHUCKKIINNNN MOOOOOOOOOOON! These are shitters sir!

  15. Please don’t ever refer to one of these shitters as having a “Swiss Made” movement. Especially when referring to a Ronda quartz. One of the worst damn movements ever. If it’s not an In House Swiss Movement, made from a brand that is ACTUALLY from switzerland, Then it’s not Swiss. And that’s the truth.

  16. Best collection I've seen thus far.

  17. Watch gang is full of freaking Nazis who like the sensor anything that is negative about them! Beware! If you are thinking about joining; don't​!!! They will sell you product in a heartbeat but then they will tell you if you don't like it to go get Bent!! Free speech is not a part of their platform!!!

  18. AHAHAHAHA….. Dude wtf??? Sucker Gang… These watches have zero value and the watch gang community is destroying the value of their own watches…. You guys are so fkin lame.

  19. I love watches and i'm a sucker for watches!!! LOL But i love every watch i saw so far. Thank you for sharing sir.

  20. I believe the clear back..Is also called an exhibition caseback.. Thanks for the Great Review!!😊

  21. The divots are for knowing where to punch if you needed to make it smaller.

  22. Thanks for confirming that I made a good decision. I was gonna subscribe but now that I see I only like one watch(TW Steel) out of all 12 I'm glad that I didn't.

  23. On the one hand, $100 for each of these watches is a fair price. On the other hand, none of these particularly tickle my fancy and I would not buy them on the open market.

  24. I'd rather have 12 unique watches then 1 Rolex… Cuz personally, I think Rolex is a fkn ugly watch… I'd take an Omega though

  25. Lol you know you getting scammed when you see a TW Steel. Bunch of cheap Chinese watches with cheap movements trying to advertise themselves as high end.

  26. I would really like to know if there is a moron who would fall for the scam.

  27. Uses! Uses! not utilize. Sorry pet peeve. Utilizes is a marketing term to make uses sound more scientific which is where the term is more befitting. But thanks for the review I appreciate it, it helps me decide.

  28. I didn't know the Chinese had so many "brands" Not even a Seiko in there. lol fail

  29. I got the citizen eco drive titanium in a second hand shop mint for 45

  30. The band on the citizen is Ostrich

  31. That citizen titanium band looks as though it was run through the punch at a low setting. Should have been discarded.

  32. A lot of these watches are junk

  33. Save your money do research and buy a watch you can hold in your hand and see in person before purchasing

  34. Anyone who wants two black 99 tier level watches can have them for free because that’s what there worth, nothing.

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