WALMART Fall Decor 2019 | Walmart Shop With Me and HAUL! | Krafts by Katelyn

WALMART Fall Decor 2019 | Walmart Shop With Me and HAUL! | Krafts by Katelyn

Great Walmart Fall Decor Shop With Me and HAUL 2019
Taking you through Walmart to see the beautiful fall and farmhouse fall decor they have out right now!


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38 thoughts on “WALMART Fall Decor 2019 | Walmart Shop With Me and HAUL! | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. I love seeing your shopping vids, but it is also so hard because I live in an area that is very poor and run down, and our stores don’t carry these things and nothing is neat or in one piece. I need to move..

  2. Wow your Walmart has great fall decor items!

  3. I love these items! I need to go back to my Walmart!

  4. I really enjoy your videos! You and Bethany have given me tons of ideas! Thank you for sharing you’re beautiful crafts!

  5. Lord I could do some serious damage in Walmart on all the fall things.

  6. Wow your Walmart has soooo much! Mine hardly has anything and after school supplies went straight to Halloween stuff 🤔🤔🤔

  7. You are sooooo cute and look like Fiona 😍

  8. With the little houses, so that you could use them all the time, like the orange one could be painted white with some gray shutters and paint the doors black. It would be so pretty and with your painting skills it would be great and with both of these ideas you have a new video.
    And the red one, could be used for Christmas since it is already red. Just take the pumpkin off and tack on a little Christmas tree.
    And with the lantern, Red is okay to keep out all the time because with red lanterns there were some originally made that way. My son has an antique red one. But if you don’t want to have a red one out all the time paint it black. And with those fairy lights in it, it would really be pretty especially with the black. Matter a fact I wouldn’t even leave it red, I would go ahead and paint it black.
    And this fall put a fall bow on it.
    And at Christmas time just tie a bow on it made out of ( since I can’t think of what it’s called right now, it’s that ribbon you use that one has lace in the middle of it and the other is plain??? ) that ribbon and a Christmas looking bow, tied together would be really pretty.
    I think it would be so pretty now and at Christmas. 💚

    Sorry how this comment turned out but I wasn’t feeling well and had to edit it a couple of times.
    Hope to see the video

  9. I love Wal-Mart's fall and halloween decor! I just don't need to hoarder anymore! Lol! 😅 too many decor

  10. Omg I have to go to Walmart. “Fall in Love” is the theme for our wedding and I just have to have that little sign. 🥰

  11. Wow, so much great stuff! Definitely on my list of stops for fall decor! 🎃

  12. You look like an angel 👼

  13. I don’t need to go back either but I am going to check another one & see if I can find the Thankful tray

  14. My Walmart has one teeny tiny section of fall decor. Why, Walmart, why? 😫

  15. The big farmhouse tub would be nice for storing rolled up throws for snuggling under!

  16. I want the red truck, it’s so cute

  17. My walmart & target have no halloween decorations out!!! At least yet

  18. I was watching your video, which I loved. My daughter heard the song that was playing in the beginning. Could you please tell me the name and artist who sang it? Thank you so much.

  19. 🍂🍁🍂All the walmarts I've been to suck! Lol
    Your walmart has very cute things lucky! 🧡🧡🧡

  20. WOW, they have so much beautiful things. Love your haul.

  21. Love that song what is it ???

  22. Fall is my favorite color. How could you not put some of the fall colors out.

  23. Please🙏 like 💞and subscribe to my channel

  24. I also love the red lantern you got .

  25. Can I ask where did you get that tiered tray behind you with the pumpkins?

  26. Walmart sure had a lot of beautiful things .

  27. I love that Fall in love sign may ave to get that. Thanks for sharing your haul

  28. You picked up some awesome pieces. I love the tub though I don't have farmhouse style I think it would be cute on my porch. TFS 🙂

  29. I loved everything you purchased but the tub at the end was amazing. I love your diy things they are high end.

  30. I didn't see what you picked up at all. I would really love that orange hello fall decor. Omg Lord knows I don't need anymore but totally love that and I almost got it last year and didn't and had forgot about it till this video 🤭🤣🤣. Now I need to go get it 😁😜

  31. Love all your items. Haven't been to my Wal-Mart yet. I'm hoping my Wal-Mart got a big selections as well. Tfs! ❤

  32. Wow your Walmart has such a great huge selection!

  33. I love Walmart seasonal decor! Thank you for sharing, I need to get there quick

  34. Are the pumpkins in the red truck removable? If so, you can use the truck again during Christmas and add a christmas tree.

  35. Wow! I loved everything you showed us from Walmart. Lol. I could go broke really fast. 😂😂

  36. I love this song. Who is it by?

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