Walking Liberty Half Dollar Books.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Books.

Amazing Finishing my Walking Liberty Half Dollar Books is one of my stacking goals for 2019. With the year almost over, im getting close.

I had 5 stacking goals for 2019.
1. Finish my Roosevelt Dime Album✔.
2. Finish my Benjamin Franklin Album✔
3. Finish my Walker Album.
4. Finish my Mercury Dime Album.
5. Stack 52 oz of .999 fine silver✔.

The coins that in need to finish the first album are the 1916, 1916D (obv), 1916S (obv), 1917D (obv), 1919S, 1921, 1921D, 1938D, and a 1 nice Reverse. so this is very possible.

Did you have 2019 silver stacking goals? Will you make some goals for 2020 year? I will and they will be bigger.

Rick Gee
P.O.Box 2564
Evansville, IN 47728



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24 thoughts on “Walking Liberty Half Dollar Books.

  1. Good luck awsome collection my friend thanks for sharing

  2. Those are great! I hope you can get what you need to finish.

  3. Awesome progress on the walker books! My Walker album is coming along, but I’m more then 8 coins from finishing haha! I also bought all mine from my LCS junk silver bin! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed watching

  4. Nice, I only have one book for quarters for 2010-2021. I got maybe 3-4 dollars in it lol

  5. Good luck on completing the Walker collection, Rick!

  6. Good idea with the paper to hold them in! Books are looking good, WTG

  7. I just looked through mine and don't have any of those dates but if I get to my LCS today, I'll ask!

  8. Looks good thanks for sharing Rick

  9. At the end of 2020 I am going to try to fill my walker book and my Kennedy book I just started them a month ago. And nice walkers you have so many!

  10. Really great job nearly filling those albums. Had no idea you are a grandpa, congrats!

  11. congrats on the Walker book. Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas

  12. Sooo close my friend!! It’s nice that your grandson is getting in on it. It’s never too early to help them catch the silver bug. I want to tell you again that your Christmas gaw was outstanding!! Keep up the great work. You are the man!! 👊✌️

  13. Very nice collection! You still got a couple weeks to achieve your goal! ☺ Good luck my friend!

  14. I went to my LCS to get my Daughter two wheat penny books the 1909 to 1940 and 1941 to 1974. When I get there he had the Peace Dollar bin out on the counter and temptation got the best of me, I looked in the bin and picked up a 1926 S Mint, then saw a 1935 Peace Dollar, which I've not seen either year in there before!!
    He said oops that '36 is supposed to be over in the counter for $40 not $15.00 like the 1922's, 1923's in the bin. He said since he made the mistake he would let me have the 1935 for $16.50 and the '26 S for $15.00 which is a great price! I'm getting ready to leave and I forgot to get the 41 to 74 book (already got the 09 to 40)! I said… dang I forgot the other book and now I'm tapped out and I didn't have the $3.50 for the other book. He said let me look around I might have a used Whitman that I can sell you for cheaper! He looked for about 10 minutes and said here's one then he opened it and it was a filled book at least from 1941 to 1968 every slot was full, he said you've been coming in regularly for more than 2 years and said if you want this I'll sell it for $2.50. I didn't hesitate I said sold. I couldn't believe it, a GREAT book and 70 pennies most wheaties for $2.50 & TWO GREAT Peace Dollars!! That's where loyalty pays off!!
    Sorry for the long comment, but had to share that story!
    Have a GREAT Day!!!
    P.S. There was some writing in the book and it seems this book was bought in the late 60's to early 70's and the coins were put in right after they got it. You can tell by the old book smell and the youngest half of the pennies still have most of the luster left!! Can't wait to get my scope and look for errors like the 1955, which is still new looking!! 👍👍😄😄😎😎👏👏

  15. nice collection. I am filling a type album. I have several spots left, but there is no hurry.

  16. Thanks for sharing. Those are special books indeed and I’m glad you are meeting your goals, Rick! I think I’m quite a ways off from a walking liberty book, but I hope to get there some day.

  17. Close to that goal keep up the hunt

  18. Very cool video my friend. Love seeing coins go into books.

  19. Whaaat?!?!?? You’re a grandpa? 🤔😳🙃

  20. After I finish getting my Kennedies, I'm going to work on Benjis, and then finally the Walkers. That is a very nice collection of them you have! I'll be getting there!

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