Used Media Pallet Update! Feeling good about the profit numbers.

Used Media Pallet Update! Feeling good about the profit numbers.

Superb In this video series, I slog through pallets of peoples donated/unwanted/trashed CDs/DVDs/Video Games and I make a profit while I am doing it.

Here’s the other videos in the series so far:
First Video:
Second Video:

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6 thoughts on “Used Media Pallet Update! Feeling good about the profit numbers.

  1. When you buy bulk DVD’s from an individual locally, what price per DVD do you aim for since you can’t really scout through all they have? Example: there’s a local sale here that I’m interested in for about 400 used DVD’s/blu rays, just not sure what to offer. I was thinking around 25-40 cents per.

  2. I really like your channel and your straightforward approach to the reselling lifestyle. I do have a question/observation tho (bear with me, I'm still new to the whole reselling concept): you're using your ap database to see what the items are selling for and after the 2 sessions you're up to $1025-ish, enough to cover freight & pallet costs, which would mean everything beyond is icing on the cake. My question/concern is, how are you sure your items will sell & bring what you expect? Well, not so much that they will sell, but that you won't end up owing Amazon for storage if the items take longer to sell? I'd love feedback from you and your viewers. I don't think I'm being a shithead, but sometimes I think my head is full of it (or more fear after over-analysis vs shut up and just do it for God's sake). 53 and starting over is scary AF.

  3. Loving the video updates. I need to get into pallet buying as my sourcing is limited to certain days of the week. My turnaround is fairly quick, within days, but never enough inventory. Any feedback on viatrading? Only like 20 mins from me

  4. Very informative video, thank you! Do you have any info or advice for how to have your pallets delivered if you don't have access to a loading dock? I just have my own home in a residential area and most of the places I've looked into will only deliver to a residential location or to a place without a loading dock for like twice the shipping costs. I have looked into in-person pick up using my truck but the closest wholesaler is a 3+ hour drive away and I'm not sure how I would get it off my truck when I got it home anyway lol Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

  5. No comments? o.k. HI! 😛 Also start selling so your place can be clean. 🙂

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