Tutorial Sweetest little Witch Altered File Folder Halloween

Tutorial Sweetest little Witch Altered File Folder Halloween

Superb I LOVE Halloween!

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. Today’s video is a quick tutorial on how to make this adorable Altered file folder, Halloween style.

Every July I start searching the dollar store, Michaels, JoAnns and other places for Halloween craft supplies and decor.

Are you like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Tutorial Sweetest little Witch Altered File Folder Halloween

  1. Oh my goodness I love the file that you did I've never made one but I love love Halloween do I sew on both sides of it and then something in the middle I saw you do and then lace and all that but you don't open the file you just sew it together I hope I can do this you did a wonderful wonderful job let me know thank you

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous file folder. Simply breathtaking! Love it.

  3. I'm looking at all things Halloween on YouTube and came across this video. While I'm not one to do collage art, I am enjoying watching you work. Your narrative is loaded with all sorts of useful tips and tricks. You might try a silicone flat spatula to push down your hot glue spots…a trick I learned right here on YouTube…works! The back of a smaller silicone spoon works well, too…a $1 store find. I had to chuckle at your bold technique of ripping apart lace! Thanks for posting this project!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with us ā¤ļø Yes, your video inspired me! After the first half, I was able to get started on the fabric choices for embellishing a photo, even shaping them to the eye~pleasing size, now just took a break and finished the tutorial so I can go back and finish. Thank you!šŸŒ 

  5. Adorable!!!! Iā€™m so glad I found your channel!!!ā¤ļø

  6. Love how this Halloween file folder! Love Halloween!

  7. Love it! I left you a message in your Etsy store. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous file folder! šŸ˜

  8. Hello;I found your channel today and be realy happy about that! You doing awsome crafts! Send you many greeting and love from Vienna;peace your Patricia

  9. I learned a ton from this video! Thank you!

  10. Halloween is my favorite time you did a wonderful job today I loved it do you have an Etsy shop let me know thank you

  11. Cute but whats it for??!
    What do you do with it ?

  12. Love it! I love your altered file folders, this one is very cute for halloween.

  13. This is really great where did you get your image

  14. So cute Robin! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Robin I do Like the cute halloween verses the gory stuff. Super cute folder.

  16. Very cute! I love Halloween decor too!

  17. Really love your folder Robin. I love Halloween crafting xxxxx

  18. Super cute! Love it! Id love to see a halloween jj

  19. Love this file folder this gives me a new idea for my Halloween crafts tfs!

  20. I love this file folder creation. Thanks for the great tutorial, Robin!

  21. Cute. Where is the image from, it is adorable

  22. Robin, love, love this altered Halloween file folder. TFS HUgs Beate

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