#tuesdaymorninghaul #tuesdaymorningfinds Tuesday Morning Finds Come See

#tuesdaymorninghaul #tuesdaymorningfinds Tuesday Morning Finds Come See

Great Today i share a new Tuesday Morning Haul with Crafters Companion Magazine Issue #11. I also have some Chameleon markers. Thanks for subscribing, liking, watching and commenting. Follow me on IG
#daretobecreative #daretobecreative1

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9 thoughts on “#tuesdaymorninghaul #tuesdaymorningfinds Tuesday Morning Finds Come See

  1. Hi love your videos but there is a lot of background noise

  2. Love the magazines , fabulous finds , much love

  3. OMG-I am really upset over the Closed Caption misrepresentation of your word for "magazine" at 3:52. They used the "N" word and I clearly heard you say "magazines", not these "n—-s". Who can I report this to? I see a lot of filthy four letter words in these closed captions that I believe are deliberate. This has got to stop. How dare they! You don't speak that way, ever. Other than that, I enjoyed your video, as always.

  4. I got the CC magazine set, I did see someone with others, so stay on the lookout.

  5. Tfs, Dawn! Wishing you and your family a blessed new year!

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