Transforming Halloween Decor | Halloween Decor Into Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

Transforming Halloween Decor | Halloween Decor Into Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

Super Hey Everyone! In today’s video I am using Halloween decor from Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot and transforming them into cute farmhouse decor that can be used year round! Hope you get inspired! ❤❤❤

What I mentioned in this video:
Entryway table :
Rechargeable Batteries:
Battery charger:
Hot Glue Gun:

Craft Tools I use:
Hot Glue Gun:
Paint Markers:
Hot Glue:

Etsy Store:

P.O. BOX 1222 Elizabethtown, KY 42702


Dollar Tree DIY Fall Ideas 2018

DIY Fall Farmhouse Decor

DIY FALL Farmhouse Home Decor

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What I use to film

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40 thoughts on “Transforming Halloween Decor | Halloween Decor Into Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. Wow!!!! This is amazing I would give anything to be this creative.

  2. I agree with you Kate on the Dollar Tree greenery it’s definitely not the best. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have really nice ones but the prices are so crazy. I’ve seen flowers for $20 dollar and it’s never enough on the bunch. I like this sign it goes well with the glass vase and the paper bird you did. Keep the creativity flowing. Love your ideas. TY

  3. I can’t get enough! ❤️great job girly! Love from Louisiana!

  4. Kaitlin, what is your Etsy store name? I LOVE your videos. I’ve made several things and love them !!!

  5. Your amazing! Love this sign. Great job💕

  6. I absolutely LOVE how you do your bows. I'm trying to make mine like that, haven't gotten it down yet. Wish me luck

  7. The sign is definitely my favorite! Love what you do! Keep up the awesome job!

  8. I use baby wipes when I paint to.

  9. Loving your page … doing loads of crafts for my farmhouse x

  10. Girl friend you is CRAZY CREATIVE … new here just found u. Your now one of my favorite to watch. Any ideas on what to do with a large window wood screen? Can do Instagram which I had time. Love your decor

  11. Twine instead of paint , more of a country look.

  12. I never thought you'd be from kentucky!! So am I!! I enjoy watching your videos!! Tfs

  13. LOVE that little sign! It’s what caught me eye on the first place 😉

  14. Hi, I love your videos, they are beautiful. I have a question, how do you place the camera to record your videos?

  15. Love it , so clever! That turned out soon cute !

  16. I will be making that sign. My 21 yr. old grandgirl had a favorite bedtime story called The Best Nest. This sign will be perfect as a gift for her. I like to buy 2 of these thin signs and glue them together. The added thickness makes it look more substantial and less like a DT piece. I do that with DT picture frames, as well. Thanks for the idea!

  17. Absolute 👍 on sign and lights!! Battery chargers come in handy when you have kids. I remember those days! 😉 Baby wipes a great idea! (I go through far too many paper towels 💲😌) So happy to find you this afternoon. You could sell Bows alone girl. Not everybody can make them look as good as you do
    .. and is something that comes Natural for You! 😉

  18. Hello ! I'm a first time watcher. So happy I found your channel. I love farmhouse decor. I'm in love with this sign ! It's a must make. Thanks for the idea 😁

  19. I love the sign. You are a clever young lady!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  20. Make a small nest out of Raffia and put it on the bottom with a little bird in it!

  21. So cute!!!!👍❤thanks for sharing.🙋‍♀️

  22. I just found your channel and subscribed. I love all 3 but I think the sign is my favorite. Can't wait to see your Christmas tutorials. So far this year I have made all my decorations. I love it. Thanks for any your ideas.

  23. Loved the sign and the string lights

  24. New to your channel. I love to diy. Love your ideas. So pretty. The techniques for distressing and getting the words on the sign great! 🎃💀👻

  25. TFS Great job on all 👍🏼 I’m all about repurposing & saving $$ Thanks again 😀

  26. If you dont have a target near you or want to go a cheaper route for the tree u can always buy 1 of the mini Christmas trees from dollar tree and trim it down and bend the limbs and put it inside a small plant pot!

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