Top 10 Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money

Top 10 Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money

Wonderful List of the top 10 sneaky ways movie theaters get you to spend more money. Theaters rely on concession stands to make money. That’s why they are overpriced. Popcorn costs almost nothing to make.
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Going to the movies has become a pretty expensive affair. From movie tickets to concessions, prices have increased considerably, and movie theaters seem to do everything within their power to make you part with your cash. Here are 10 Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money.

These are the secrets movie theaters don’t want you to know about. Between ticket prices and concessions, movie theaters are expensive. Most movie theater chains like AMC and Regal only keep around 50% of the revenue from ticket sales each year. Theaters are able to keep over 80% of concessions revenue as profit. Most theaters are designed to get customers to spend more money on food. And it works, AMC reports that more than 71% of attendees spend money on concessions.

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0:27 Brand Tie-ins To Amp Up Food And Drink Sales
1:47 Expensively Priced Regular Items
3:02 Attractive Food and Drink Displays at the Concession Counter
4:12 Discounts And Promotions Through Loyalty Programs
5:17 They Capitalize on Movie-Going Culture and Traditions
6:34 Oh, The Delicious Smells!
7:35 The Add-On Food Effect
8:30 They Offer Premium Food Experiences
9:37 Movie Theaters Openly Practice Price Discrimination
11:04 Food And Soda Commercials Before The Movie

– If you are a regular to the movies, you know that brand tie-ins are a regular phenomenon.
– One clever trick that movie theaters employ is selling regular items at a higher price.
– The next place where the movie theater can get you to spend your money is the concession counter.
– Many theaters across America have a number of loyalty programs, including in-house programs or those that involve group deals.
– Cultures and traditions movie theaters take advantage of.
– You could even say that popcorn is the bread and butter of movie theaters! While soda and candy may not be very successful in the smells department, they certainly do the job in the visuals department!
– Add-on food effect. More items mean more sales, and more money for movie theaters.
– Over the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in theaters offering premium food experiences.
– Movie theatres openly practice price discrimination towards their customers.
– Another sneaky trick that theaters use to get you to spend more money is by airing enticing food and drink commercials before the start of the movie.

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money

  1. They actually make 0% of the box office sales. And they have to pay for the right to show the movies.

  2. I can eat a large popcorn and soda then go for a refill

  3. While it is seen as "sneaky" its also the way the cinemas survive. They make 0% profit from ticket sales, so every penny made at the counter on snacks and drinks goes to them… and it is their only form of profit from running their business. This is also why they push their subscription services and membership deals on you so much, they need reliable, dedicated customers who are always willing to buy with them.

  4. I love going to movies with my girlfriend however we go out and have dinner before the movies

  5. They make almost nothing from the movie itself.

  6. Lol, who still buys food at the theatre? I buy my 2 candy bars, 2 drinks and a large popcorn bag b4 I go in for $5 and if hungry I might just bring in Chinese food

  7. M C

    I go to the dollar store and I don’t like popcorn much so I get caught by buying nachos and a pop. If I don’t sneak one in that’s why I like big purses.

  8. They are not tricking me I snuck in things

  9. This video is stupid. I have worked in theaters for 23 years. Half of the fault of the things on your list are done by the distribution companies. Don't blame the theaters. Blame the corporations. Fools. And your estimation that theaters make %50 of ticket prices is crap. It's closer to 5-15. Shut the fridge.

  10. In my country (Philippines) it's too expensive to pay an admittances within a movie theatre whenever you're a registered PWD… So it's likely cheaper for me to stay home and watch t.v

  11. In cinema big popcorn 6€
    But in market with 6€ You can get so many f*cking popcorn! It took me 2 days to eat it all.

  12. You don't need souveniers If You can take pictures of them 🤦‍♂️

  13. When I go to cinema then I sneak in my food. 100% stonks 👌

  14. Not sure if it’s just me but I heard
    1)concessions going into souvenir cups and buckets
    2) concessions
    3) concessions
    4) concessions
    5) concessions
    7) loyalty programs
    8) concessions
    9) concessions
    10) concessions

  15. They can't make you spend money if your ass is broke..

  16. It's worth it to just have your own projector, surrround sound and just wait for movies to come out on blue ray or a streaming service
    And you can make or drink all the snacks or beverages you want.

  17. I used to work in a movie theater. The manager would always tell me "Add more salt to the popcorn, we need to sell more drinks." I did as he asked but it always felt manipulative.

  18. I just subbed and clicked the bell

  19. Thx for giving me info 4$ hotdog 5$coke is my go to

    Thx babbletop now ill just sneak some dorritos

  20. I used to work at a movie theater and I can say I don't care for the smell of movie theater popcorn anymore since I was around it all the time

  21. Do movie theater guests not take a plethora of snacks in with you? I mean, yeah, if the popcorn is freshly popped, you're gonna get some BUT candy and other misc snacks can be escorted in by pretty much anyone.

  22. 🤣 you forgot about the pickle at the movies 😂. That's always over priced.

  23. Don’t forget the convince fee for buying tickets online.

  24. I am a sucker for a nacho or beer.

  25. It’s No secret that they try to charge U an Arm and a leg for snacks and drinks at the Concession stand!!!!:/

  26. In Canada we have the Scene Programme card how it work for every movie purchase you you get 100 Scene point, but you'll need 1000 Scene points to get either a free movie or a free medium popcorn. Also if you buy your ticket online you'll get 150 Scene points instead 100. And sometimes you can get 200 Points if bought ticket online if it's a special promation. ^^)

  27. Hey Babble Top can you make a video about Sam's Clubs

  28. I worked at a theater for almost a decade, and our theater made literally 0.00 off ticket sales. Every cent went back to the companies, concessions were literally the only way we made money to pay people.

  29. I work at a Cinemark movie theater

  30. I put a big bowl with snacks and drinks then put it over my wife stomach makes here look pregnant 😆

  31. Are used to work at a very well-known movie theater which I will not name of the company I was the projectionist there at the theater and I found out that this company if they popped too much popcorn on a Saturday night they would Bagget up set it in the managers office and then Sunday morning before the first showing it would be poured back into the popcorn maker to warm up and if sales were going good for that Sunday showing they would make a fresh batch on top so you can just imagine eating warm stale popcorn it is only warmed by a lightbulb but when you ask for extra butter which is not the butter and salt it with the fresh popcorn You all seem to enjoy it I never ate the stuff

  32. Just bring your own food, problem solved. If they try to stop you, turn and leave, warning others on the way out. Why pay for the ultimate theater experience like fully reclining seats and all that food when you can have it for free at home? They pretty much want you to spend money on what you can have for free at home

  33. Lol im eating popcorn while watching this

  34. seven dislikes those people should be cancelled

  35. It’s conditioning, that’s how they get you. You have been inundated with commercials sense you were a baby.

  36. A S

    19.99 Regal Unlimited best investment ever

  37. Hate food in cinema screenings, too many sheep paying rip off prices for crap that makes too much noise and distracting from the film. This is why I mostly pirate films or wait for them to quickly show up on Plex (via a borderline illegal CAM stream) so I can watch from the peace and quiet of my own sofa or bed. The only time I go to cinema is with friends for a film that is definitely worth the hype.

    The best ever screening I have been to is the opening morning screening of Avengers Infinity War which was packed full of fans who all wanted to shut the fuck up and watch the film without any distractions like some idiot gnashing on crap food. It was glorious, a top film with a top screening environment.

  38. The closest thing to a “souvenir brand tie in” regularly in the UK is a poster at Odeon; rarely any freebies or collectables. There are Pokemon cards available for Pokemon movies though (which you can sell for good £ on eBay, most of the time easily making your cinema ticket money back) but it’s still boring compared to the USA.

  39. One theater in Lincoln City, Oregon still uses real butter on the popcorn! Now that brings back childhood memories.

  40. All that stuff really gets me into movie theaters

  41. Movie theaters can't trick me. Im there only for the movies. I bring my own food! Hahahahaha

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