Thumbtack Review 2020: Failing Results of Lead Generation EXPLAINED

Thumbtack Review 2020: Failing Results of Lead Generation EXPLAINED

Super Thumbtack Review for 2020: after 3 years, Dmitry is no longer recommending Lead generation giant and explains why it keep raising money and why results are keep going down.
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Lead Generation Business is not easy but we cant have another HomeAdvisor, most likely one day Home Advisor will buy out Thumbtack if last one will not learn how to please both home owners and service providers.

In this video, Dmitry explains the progressive fall of Thumbtack. From their decline in customer satisfaction to campaigning for money after being over a billion dollar company. You’ll learn four lessons to takeaway from the story of Thumbtack.

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Thumbtack Origin Overview
1:25 – Why Is It Still Failing?
2:01 – Explaining Thumbtack’s Growth
4:00 – Supply and Demand
4:37 – Being Built To Sell
5:25 – Saturation in the Market
6:02 – Platform Feedback
6:42 – Overall Takeaway
7:05 – #1 – Good To Get In Early
7:53 – #2 – No Platform Can Guarantee Long-Term Results
8:09 – #3 – Always Look For Their Business Model
8:56 – #4 – Don’t Invest Your Reputation Too Much On A New Platform
9:58 – Feedback and Outro

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7 thoughts on “Thumbtack Review 2020: Failing Results of Lead Generation EXPLAINED

  1. These companies that are available to contractors for advertising are just out for themselves, they have the same sales pitch for everyone so they can close the deal they do there part and whatever happens no guarantee for satisfaction. Advertising is important, but being the best at your job is an important part of staying successful. Thiers only a few contractors that I follow, keep putting out the content

  2. Doesn’t pertain to roofing, but I’m an exterior painter and I contacted a less generating service for my industry, I believe it was panterschoice.con Might be the wrong name… anyway I told them I only do exterior painting but they generate leads for interior and exterior and the guy told me I should invest in doing interior or to not use his service because he doesn’t want me losing money buying interior leads. The moral of the story I was blown away by him turning me away. Honest and good lead service right there.

  3. Just signed up for the business school. Ready to learn. Great video I was just thinking about trying to use thumbtack but my platform on Google is doing so well I’m just sticking to that and Angies List for now.

  4. Never used any of those, only Google. We appreciate you taking the time to shoot these videos and save us the headache!

  5. The problem is this companies shouldn't be raising money. Because the focus becomes the investors and not the contractors.

  6. Back in 2015-2016 thumbtack was amazing in central Pennsylvania, my dad got a 100 sq rubber job from it in his first year of business I think

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