Thrift With Me Home Decor 2020 | Thrifting For Profit

Thrift With Me Home Decor 2020 | Thrifting For Profit

Amazing Thrift With Me for home decor spring 2020 thrifting for profit.
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HVLP Paint Sprayer:
Homeright Sprayer:
Random Orbital Sander:
220 grit Sanding Disks 100 pack:
Wooster Foam King Brush:
18 gauge nailer/stapler combo:
Critter Sprayer:
Tite Bond II Wood Glue:
E600 All Purpose Glue:
Coat Hooks:
French Cleat:

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35 thoughts on “Thrift With Me Home Decor 2020 | Thrifting For Profit

  1. Im from Houston – could you tell me what a sprouter is – ither than a cabinet?

  2. OMG, that VIEW!!!! Those mountains!!!! I couldn't keep from 'rewinding', just to see that….Makes me want to take a trip up north! My view from my local thrift store is flat concrete and praire!!!!! thanks so much for sharing what God has given us…, in North Central Texas…

  3. Hey remember in a video you asked ideas about usages for glass jars you may come across. Make mini manicure sets. Or stencil on them. Thanks make stencil that say coffee, tea or flour. May be cute.

  4. I would love to go thrifting with you guys! Maybe next time you’re in Arizona? May be an idea for your channel…”Thrift with fans/friends”.

  5. That sprouter is a super fined

  6. Wow! That place is AWESOME! Wish we had it
    here in Ohio.

  7. Hey there I'm from Michigan the Roseville pottery sells really well here. I have a few questions I'm sure I've missed these in other videos. But there are so many.. what do you recommend for removing the tape from treasures and on the chipped gravy boat how will he sand it? I pass on do many cute treasures because of small chips, they just won't sell here in my booths.

  8. I love the mountain shots at the beginning 😍 I live in Missouri, so I don't see mountains like that! You guys are awesome ❤️

  9. I just love to watch your videos and look forward to each and every one! Can I go as far to say I look forward to Saturday nights! 😁

  10. Zeb is the Jack of all trades. Get finds.

  11. Sooooo jealous What a beautiful area you live in x

  12. Omw, I love art deco, wish I could furnish my entire house in art deco

  13. Roseville pottery is Nice and great quality!!

  14. Love Zeb’s taste and enthusiasm. He really has an eye for good stuff.

  15. Get the crock! Here in Ohio we are big on crocks, lol

  16. I love how jamies husband isnt so proud that he ask jamie for her expertise and jamie reconizes his ..truely a team that wins

  17. Here where I live in up state New York there are several thrift stores but nothing like yours! They are small and the prices are high! So I have thrift store envy! Loved how the two of you interact and decide on what to buy!

  18. You might catch a little flack this time on not getting the mannequin or the waterfall dresser. The mannequin could have been bought to resell from YOUR shop to someone who might have wanted it, without having to do a thing to it yourself. Waterfall anything in my area, that's in great shape and under $50, sells right away, especially dressers. I have been on the hunt for a specific waterfall side table and can't find any that don't cost $40 or more a piece. BUT, that grain sprouter should go in your own house! LOL Definitely a great treasure to find!! I've never heard of one either. Would be darling in your bathroom as a linen closet, or anywhere really, if you have room for it.

  19. KC

    It’s so beautiful where you live. My goodness I could stare at those mountains all day long!
    Ooh I would’ve definitely gone for the Art Deco chest of drawers 😃

  20. That VIEW!!! So lovely! Agree with another comment…I'd watch a video of you guys driving around in that and just doing some thrift chat!!!

  21. Oh my goodness! The area you live is stunning. I love the thrift store, I don’t think I’d ever be out of there. Love to you all from a grey and windy Bonnie Scotland. X

  22. Wow, it is beautiful where you live. Thank you for showing the landscape. I'm in flat Florida- warm but no gorgeous mountains. That was a treat

  23. I love that table. ❤️

  24. Wow those views!! My country is burning atm😔 I’m in Australia.

  25. What a beautiful place you live in.. those snow covered mountains.. omg 😍
    And that op shop/ thrift store .. I’d have needed a semi trailer with all the stuff I would have bought from there .. what a great store 😮💕👍🏽

  26. Beautiful mountains in the back ground. They have a lot of items there. ❤️

  27. Zeb, the Sprouter is a keeper. I wish we had a DI in our neck of the woods, about 50 miles up from NYC. Roseville is Collectible.

  28. I have sprayed pane corns more then 20 years ago and re-using them each Christmas for decor, even hanging them on Christmas tree.

  29. When I saw you posted ,a thrift with us video . Ya hoo was excited 😊 love what you got ,I would have picked up a few things in that store.❤️ I picked up some heavy metal stocking holders at the goodwill today ,75 percent off of Christmas stuff . Ones a snowman and the other 3 spell joy ,all for 2 dollars .

  30. LOL…No More Clocks..but Just put that LAMP in the CART hahahahahahahaha…You guys remind me so much of my Husband and I…but you guys are Much Younger and Cuter..")….So Fun….

  31. Roseville pottery is made in or near Zanesville, Ohio. Didn't Debi just spend some time in Zanesville?

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