Thrift Flips DIY!

Thrift Flips DIY!

Amazing Thrift flip DIY!

Hi guys! Today I am working on some thrift flips with different items I obtained from the thrift store. All of the items in total cost me a little over $5. I used 25 total of 46 inches strips of macrame cord for my project. I Already had that plus the other supplies on hand which I will share below!

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Citrus Strip:

Mouse sander:

Leather cord:

Mod Podge spray:

Macrame cord:

Embroidery hoops ( if not thrifted):

Minwax stain in Early American:

Walmart paints
Apple Barrel brand in pewter grey, black, timeless grey, and dark granite

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37 thoughts on “Thrift Flips DIY!

  1. The planter turned out cute. The pin you were using is a straight pin. The knot like someone below said is a half hitch.

  2. Love that plant hamger!
    Thanks for tge demo.

  3. Loved the plant holder! You always do a great job on any and all of your diy’s! Excellent job on the galvanized look! You have that down pat! Lol

  4. These are awesome 🤗👏🏻👍🏻💕

  5. When the knots turn like that i believe its a half hitch. If they were flat it would be a square knot. Loved them

  6. OMG….LOVE the plant hanger….you did a great job !!! All projects look great !

  7. My favorite video of yours so far! The plant hanger is genius and the galvanized bucket looks great!!

  8. Hi These all turned out great and very cute 👍 TFS happy Friday to you 🐰🐣🐇

  9. Great upcycling or repurposing! I love to do this with many items. Would love to have a scroll saw to add to my collection…love that you cut items out yourself.
    My fav was the plant hanger also! Tfs! Take care!

  10. Love the last holder. Please make another one in future And show how you made your knots.

  11. Hi Jesscia I loved the plant hanger I am so glad to see them coming back into style I was a teen back it the late seventy and Macramé and macramé hanging planters were very very popular everybody had hooks hanging from their porches and from inside their houses to hang their plants I remember even having a plant pole that had a springing it would hang your planters from that none of these planters with the plastic hawk in a plastic planter with ceramic with macramé hangers everyone had them but then they just started disappearing I use to be able to buy them really cheap and now if you find them they our exspensive I would like to try and make one

  12. They all look fantastic!! ❤❤

  13. 😍😍🐎🐎🐱🐱🌼🌼🌻🌻👍👍👌👌

  14. Jessica, u r so clever! I really love ur plant hanger it turned out really cool looking far better that the kind u buy only cuz it’s is a original.😊 I also like ur great idea on doing galvanizing . I have to say I learned a lot today. Thanks 😊

  15. Wow you are a pro on your scroll saw. What name brand is yours. It looks like it's simple to change your blades. You done a awesome job on flips today. Thank you for sharing ♡♡

  16. Great projects! Love the plant hanger❣️

  17. I love everything ❤️, thanks for sharing.

  18. Cannot believe the transformation of the hoops and the bucket and great job getting the cutting board down to the wood! So did you wait for everything to dry before you removed the grounds or did you wipe them off and then let the stain dry? Always so creative and attractive results!

  19. Great ideas! I was shocked at how that galvanized bucket turned out. Really nice!

  20. What a beautiful way to showcase your plants, love it.

  21. Very very creative. I especially loved the plant hanger. That brought back a lot of memories. Back in the day when Macrame was so popular, I learned how to do it then I taught a very basic class at the Y. Needless to say, my students learned much faster than I and surpassed me in so many ways. We had loads of fun learning from one another. Thanks for the memories. Have a Blessed day.

  22. Jessica these all turned out amazing! I get excited when you post a new video!

  23. Awesome DIY'S! They look amazing ! Love your channel ❤

  24. If youre tying your knots right over left then left over right, its a square knot.

  25. Love them all, but that plant hanger is awesome! I have several embroidery hoops in the right sizes to make something similar. It takes me back to my younger macrame days in the 70s!

  26. Great ideas, the plant holder is my favorite, as I have many house plants and it is challenging to find ways to showcase them. I look forward to your videos, they are always unique. Blessings to everyone <3

  27. What a great idea! I have a bunch of the embroidery hoops all different sizes, that I got at a thrift store. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with them—now I know! Thank you!

  28. GM Jessica, I look forward to these videos ! Tiered planter is great, going to try my hand at this one. You are like a great author, once you read one book, you need them all ! Then we wait for the next one to be published. Keep them coming

  29. Great job!!! You definitely put some effort in these!!

  30. Love your ideas 😍 they all came out beautiful ❤️

  31. Aww. Pillsbury dough boy. I wished I found that. I have some old stuff of his.

  32. Wow such talent–and patience!!

  33. That plant holder is fantabulous! You have some of the most unique ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  34. These projects are great. That galvanized bucket is really cute!

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