This Antique Mall was MASSIVE, Bargains to Resell!

This Antique Mall was MASSIVE, Bargains to Resell!

Awesome Barb and I went to this awesome antique mall in Missouri to see what we could find for ourselves AND also to resell online!

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27 thoughts on “This Antique Mall was MASSIVE, Bargains to Resell!

  1. Wish I could find some fransican ivy. Giant fan of I love lucy here. So cool.

  2. 14:02 the one all the way to the left is a Cockatiel while the 3rd from the left is a Cockatoo. Big difference!

  3. Hmm Turner Flamingo prints are apparently making a come back and can be worth decent money. The one on Ebay is selling for $439

  4. People actually look for replacements for broken lids or bottoms to sugar bowls and butter dishes.

  5. I wonder if that picture of the flamingos could be tramp art?  There were a lot of tramp artists back in the day.

  6. My gramma had the flamingo picture in her living room. Frame was similar but mirrorized.

  7. To cover the broken glass you could stick some faux stained glass sticky pattern over it :). There are ways to patch broken items.

  8. Have you been to galena IL for antiques

  9. Kids in an antique store give me the hives.

  10. The animal that you could not identify on the book was an otter 🙂

  11. Jeffry you are so funny. Luv how you justify why you won't buy something! If I were Barbara I couldn't resist from buying something. She has alot of will power. Loved this antique place. There were some amazing stuff. I would have bought alot of items I saw. You also cracked me up when you said your booth looked much better…lol. 🤣😂😁

  12. Did you end up not getting the ivy lamp?

  13. I had the Turner Flamingo print in the mirror rimmed frame, and sold it. I still have nightmares about losing that sucker and will probably end up paying two or three hundred bucks to replace it eventually. I do still have the cockatoo in the white bamboo styled frame that was a gift from my Mom and will NEVER part with it even though I'm not over emotionally attached to "THINGS" in general.

  14. "YOU'RE a tiny snack"! 🤣 Sounds like my sister and I interacting, but with way less profanity (unless maybe you edit that out)!

  15. I think the cabinet with curved glass is quarter swan wood that gives it the tiger like look.

  16. Nicole Northgarden 1/7/2020 just did a haul where she saved that oval ivy bowl from the goodwill bins and I think she is selling it. Check out her YouTube

  17. The wood of curio cabinet with the rounded glass is usually called tiger oak. I have seen where some people call it quarter sawn wood, not sure if that is correct. In the booth where you got that clock and then Barb was looking at the cookie jar, just next to it was a oil lamp that was iridescent. On another video they showed iridescent glass and said that it was depression glass. Do you know if that is true? I so love the clear iridescent anything!

  18. Wow Jeffrey, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the prices, they had there, for being an antique shop, you got great things, that would not happen here in California.Anyways I do love living here.

  19. That flamingo picture is in a video of yours from 01/09/2019. around 6:34

  20. I really liked that antique mall! I saw so many items of interest. I would have spent a bundle. I wonder how far from OKC it is. Barb, I really enjoy your input!

  21. Nicole Northgarden, another YouTuber, found that same celery oblong bowl for three dollars! When you said twenty two dollars, I thought, hmmm, that sounds a little high!

  22. 12:26 Were there recessed display areas on either side of the clock face? That was gorgeous! Wow this place was packed, thanks for taking us along!

  23. Those are grape leaves on that Syracuse cup

  24. Are you on Facebook? I bought a floor lamp and I wanted you to look at it. It looks to be out of the 60’s. Really cool. I don’t know how to put pictures on here.

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