The Shadow Puppet Challenge w/ Sam, Corey, Jake

The Shadow Puppet Challenge w/ Sam, Corey, Jake

Today I do the Shadow puppet challenge with Sam Corey and Jake. Super random idea I had, apparently GMM has done this before! Hope you enjoy

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33 thoughts on “The Shadow Puppet Challenge w/ Sam, Corey, Jake

  1. "Maybe if I tickle it"–Corey Scherer 2019

  2. This is the drunken challenge I’m gonna do with my friends later

  3. Ik I’m late but when this was posted the night before I was making shadow puppets

  4. I felt like the bunny was easier than the witchhhhh

  5. jake was best sryy but corey was worst

  6. CoRey ObvIouSLy WoN evErYthInG.
    You can't disagree.

  7. How does colby not know what Gary is

  8. Can you follow me on snap my thing is rgibbs5268

  9. Make a hoodie that says biotches be brock crazy ! Lol please

  10. d p

    Name of the background music at the end???!!

  11. Me: Cock. Adoodaldoo I actually said that at school and nobody knew what it meant

  12. Am I the only one who laughs when Corey laughs??

  13. I think I could do the bunny if my fingers weren't so damn chubby! Lmfao

  14. Jake:I'm going to be the shadow man

    Cory:that's fucked up man

  15. good mythical morning did this in 2015 sorry colby 😂

  16. haven’t watched u in a hot second

  17. Colby PLEASE do a reaction vid to Katrina’s song gone!!!!!!!!

  18. I believe, Good Mythical Morning did something similar to this

  19. The whole intro to the shadow challenge video w/ Sam, Corey, Jake
    Jake: where are we
    Colby:Hello guys
    Sam: Is this heaven
    Colby: How are you feeling today
    Sam: Like I just got drugged
    Jake: whispers loudly we are in an episofe of sawwww
    Corey:* Complete confusion*
    Sam: Why cant i feel my butthole
    Colby: Do you remember chick-fil-a an hour ago
    Sam: no
    Corey: what the fuck are we doing here
    Colby: youre probably wondering that huh?
    Sam: yeah
    Jake: im literally wondering what we are doing here
    Corey: im seriously wondering what we are doing here
    Colby: you are probably wondering what you are doing here
    Corey: surprised face we areee
    Sam: that is true
    Jake: we are
    Corey: i just thought that in my head
    Colby: you wanna know
    Sam: no its okay
    Jake: we wanna know why we are here
    Colby: do you guys wanna know why you are here
    Corey: no we wanna know why
    Colby: why
    The three other: why like why
    Jake: we are wondering like why we are here
    Colby: well let me tell you you guys are here because i wanna challenge each and every one of you to show me your best ablities
    Jake: which ones
    Corey: sexual, mental physical
    Colby: shadow

  20. In my eyes, all of you are talented

  21. omg i lovee this video so much and Corey's laugh makes my day 😍😍

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