THE RAVEN BOYS decide what we do for three days (tattoos, kissing, fortune telling & more)

THE RAVEN BOYS decide what we do for three days (tattoos, kissing, fortune telling & more)

Amazing During my first week in San Francisco, Chanelle and I buddy read The Dream Thieves and let the events of the book influence what we did, saw, and ate for the next few days. This idea was inspired by booksandlala. (Not sponsored) If you’re interested in staying at an amazing airbnb like I did, you can get up to $55 off with my link:

I hope you enjoyed seeing the sights around the city with us! I’m proud of myself for (FINALLY) editing a video to be under 15 minutes, which is pretty incredible considering this was 3+ days of footage. I’ll talk more comprehensively about my thoughts on Dream Thieves in a monthly wrap-up. I hope everyone got some nice rest & relaxation over the holidays so that we can approach 2020 as better selves. I’m personally super excited for all the books I’m gonna be reading in the new year. I also really want to rewrite the first draft of a novel I wrote a few years ago, so that’s one of my new years resolutions. Do you have any resolutions for 2020? Let me know. xx

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39 thoughts on “THE RAVEN BOYS decide what we do for three days (tattoos, kissing, fortune telling & more)

  1. alternative title: ripping on adam for being poor for fourteen minutes and forty seconds

  2. I love how wholesome the tattoo momment was. 🤗💖

  3. the premise of the raven boys just sounds like a D.A.R.E. campaign on the dangers of cooties

  4. But yo….yall reviewing some yaoi manga for a video 👀

  5. Love vidoes with Cindy and Chanelle together 💗

  6. What I've come to really appreciate about your channel, Cindy, is that you've expanded it with your own flair while maintaining a focus on books. IMHO, what you're doing will ultimately make you a 1M sub BookTuber. O_o Wait… are there any 1M sub BookTubers? If not, you'll be the first. The Great & Powerful yapdog has spoken.

  7. Did I just witness Cindy and Chanelle discovering yaoi??
    I feel so honored ❤️

  8. this video is so cozy, need more vid like this one!!!!

  9. I'll call it now. Cindy will have 100k sub before Valentine Day!

  10. Oh gosh guess I have to read TRC now, only your vlogs can compel me to revisit it.

  11. 7:25 Cindy you sure you are one of them hets? You positive? Confirmed?

  12. I've never read the books but "lesbian psychic family" and not falling in love with men sounds like a fair deal to me why she gotta be all angsty about it x

  13. Dislikes video because ADAM PARRISH IS KING 😤😤

  14. Im sorry WHAT?
    My brain literally stopped functioning when you said 5$ for orange juice.

  15. Also, the fact that Cindy's favorite Lunar Chronicles book is Scarlet and that she gravitated towards the manga with the werewolf cover… like, clearly she has a type lol 🐺

  16. for scientific purposes i would like to know cindy's thoughts on the manga and other similar manga she might have already researched 😉

  17. I actually cried from laughter watching this vid

  18. Been watching this channel for a while since before you had 30k but I never commented

  19. this is how you and chanelle becomes everyone’s OTP. ya’ll will be voted booktube couple of the year somewhere in december, i’m calling it now

  20. Currently rereading the series so this is perfect! I feel so bad for laughing at the Adam jokes #justice4adamsbankaccount He’s really goin’ through it in The Dream Thieves 🙁 if you’re bored (after you read books 3+4) the TRC as vines videos are kind of amazing✨

  21. Wait I dont know if I am just a dumbass but doesn't the raven cycle books take place in Henrietta, Virginia? You said that it took place in Georgia and now I am confusion, I always thought it was Virginia

  22. Your videos on this series are GOLD please do them for books 3 and 4

  23. Idk if it was intentional or not but 5:43 sounded like Dora the explorer 😂

  24. That surprise kiss tho 👀👀👀

  25. I'm so MAD I'm on break and you visit literally down the street from my school ;-;

  26. “The Tamlin effect” is a phrase I shall be using from now on

  27. im shook, cindy didnt know what bl was.

  28. I was smiling and giggling alongside you all the way up until you started using black magic to sync the weather with the book

  29. You guys are so funny I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  30. 12:44, Wow, they’ve got the same genres of gay content as the gay “adult” studios.

  31. Aww, this is fun.
    I’m loving watching y’all hangout together.
    I want more of you two hanging out in 2020.

  32. i still don't understand how are you hetero, like??

  33. Oh good lord this prologue is already killing me 😂 Inviting your broke bitch friend hahahaha

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