The Men Who Profit When Businesses Fail: The Liquidators (Business Documentary) | Real Stories

The Men Who Profit When Businesses Fail: The Liquidators (Business Documentary) | Real Stories

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Gerald and Dave are insolvency practitioners, and business is booming. With exclusive access to ‘behind the scenes’ negotiations, we follow them as they parachute into businesses that have hours left to live. This fascinating film goes into boardrooms and on to shop floors, up and down the country, discovering how the credit crunch is really affecting British business.

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37 thoughts on “The Men Who Profit When Businesses Fail: The Liquidators (Business Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. That Jared guy is a legit psychopath

  2. Thank God for jerks who think business is fun and fantasy…may be we are the vultures in failed business speak..fortunately there is no shortage of stupid people in this planet…

  3. A pin stripe suit and convertible is not appropriate attire when liquidising a company

  4. Yall just couldn't do it like The US. Just couldn't get it.

  5. So how is the UK looking now?

  6. Gerald gives definition to the word 'ghoulish '. Then again, I can't picture a more depressing job….

  7. Get ready for the next global recession.

  8. 2019 UK is fully submerged in water

  9. Hi I'm American, is there a way to turn on captions? I can't understand a word.

  10. They ll be busy again after Brexit.

  11. Fair play to the carpeting partnership bailing themselves out.

  12. Why aren't those tables stripped down and repurposed! Those tabletops are good for a number of things…what a waste!

  13. Your exactly right on that club!

  14. Ok… I could find a use for that wood…real quick!

  15. Love the gold cuff by the way!

  16. britain is a place u can make alot of money and loose it quickly is there a curse on the place?

  17. that hull town looks so depressing

  18. The problem as stated early, is the costs of rent are too high in the UK making it very hard to make profit unless u have plenty of capital sitting around. America is also in recession although you see it less because it is a bigger country yet, you feel it.

  19. That man looks like he never slept in his life and he should be a bit compassionate for the failed business owners. I mean, has he ever owned a business and failed? What makes him qualified to even speak to a business owner?

  20. is there any chance to turn britain around

  21. What year was this? 2008 ……

  22. im only passed the 2 minute mark and i already love theese beautiful men! :DDDDD

  23. I guess they should never have lend out their money to begin with so these people would not be able to start their business. People feel that those lending out their money have no right to expect it back. They lend them the money so they could start their business. Without that loan, that business would just be an idea in their heads and not a reality. WHY be angry with the lenders? The lenders would be bankrupt if none of their money is repaid!

  24. Always have back ups have maximum profit margins for minimum resources

  25. Moral of the story: incorporate and walk away I guess.

  26. What a thoroughly unpleasant pair of men. I can well see how the boss has already gone through three marriages.

  27. "i dont find it pleasant and i dont find it tough" I bet Himmler, Goebbels, Eichmann etc all said the same thing

  28. When you lose your job, ir business, you do feel like a failure but it was the evil government that caused it all to fail .. I feel sorry for these people… the more money you make the more the government take..

  29. the cost of running a business is too high in the uk so whatever u make u have to pay. if they want better business they need to lower cost.

  30. the government has destroyed business because of the brexit and also in the currency world. this is bad britain will be america soon and america is a disaster and it can not be turned around. britain has hope if it stays in the eu.

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