The Dollar Store SEALED-ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenge! ($1 Packs)

The Dollar Store SEALED-ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenge! ($1 Packs)

Awesome Shout out to Nyhmnim who pioneered this entire era of sealed only Yu-Gi-Oh! This video is obviously inspired by him and his series. I hope that I can do his creation justice but add a little of that Spanko spice to the idea 😉
Nyhm brother, if your’e watching this, thank you for the Inspo & sorry for stealing (borrowing) a little of your intro! 😂

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7 thoughts on “The Dollar Store SEALED-ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenge! ($1 Packs)

  1. Bro your locals is open late as hell lmao

  2. This is not possible btw. Too much rng. 10k cards. You would be doing this for like 100 episodes. Best of luck though

  3. HI SPANKO!!
    I'm not sure where or who you get all your creativity from, but it's pretty awesome!

  4. You should do a video where you you buy 1 structure deck (ur Choice and only 1 copy) and 3 duel deviststor, and then take it to locals. Would be Good to know how a structure deck would perforn asuming u already got some Staples. Fun video btw

  5. Really cool concept. Very entertaining vid.

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