The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 | ABC News

The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 | ABC News

Awesome Mark Cuban says one deal he regrets not doing was with John Tabis’ Bouqs Company.

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26 thoughts on “The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 | ABC News

  1. All sharks are disrespectful.

  2. At the bottom left it says SharksOn 2020 but was made 2 years ago

  3. If those "sharks" can't recognize the genius in the Door bell camera, then they are really just playing with money on that show. Even the Copa the vino idea was good and they knew it, they wanted to screw that guy out of a business.

  4. fuck these sharks,rich self absorbed pricks

  5. let me guess,almost all of them

  6. He think he’s cool sipping his wine then realizes mark has more money then everyone in the room combined

  7. The only reason anybody hates the sharks is only because they are Jealous of their Success. They're there because they've worked hard to get where they are today… I freaking love them they're awesome

  8. damn that's crazy I have ring

  9. Don't people steal those fancy doorbells?

  10. 4:40 they needed me? Bruh Mark Cuban and all the other sharks have at least 10x the money he’s making

  11. it's called cognitive dissonance lol

  12. I love when they disrespect people only for it to come back and slap them in the face

  13. My ring doorbell captured my epic fail! Ouch!

  14. The original UK version of this series is so much better. These plastic US participants all talk & yell at the same time making it almost unwatchable. Then again, that just illustrates the American culture – brash, loud, cocky, know-it-all etc. Ugh……

  15. Hind sight is 20 20
    Investing is very risky and should be taken seriously and carefully

  16. Hasn't ring been in the news cuz of ppl hacking their cameras nd mics 😪

  17. BIEM butter sprayer is terrible. Good thing Laurie pulled out when she could

  18. There was someone in England who also came up with the idea of single glasses of wine on Dragons Den.

  19. i have always wondered how i would feel after all my hard times and abuse and such hard work that i find my self inventing something or even winning big money and you go from the shitty times to such wealth , i often wondered how i would feel , would i be happy for my kids, wife and myself with the hard times over or would i feel sad leaving my hard times and moving on to a happy time , not sure , But i have the greatest respect and love for all who never give up on their dreams and who achieve them , Talking abuot dreams , i always wanted to be military , well after some serious work and not giving up , i am now military and for that i feel soo fucking happy and feel a part of something amazing

  20. Actually they take a cut for you to come on the show so they dont regret anything

  21. Kevin o Leary, the only virgin left at age 50

  22. I didnt need the sharks just the publicity from being on the sharks show

  23. They’re so arrogant it’s sickening

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