The BEST DIY Disney Ears ( NO SEW)

The BEST DIY Disney Ears ( NO SEW)

Amazing apologies for the sound of my voice being EXTRA nasaly ( because lets be honest, it IS pretty nasaly ) apparently I had pneumonia πŸ™‚ had to film the intro afterwards

Purchase a PDF Ear Template Here!

list of items needed:

glue sticks
glue gun
fabric of choice
fabric scissors
ear template
silk stuffing/ fluff
beaded trim

optional :
pre made bows

Thanks to source

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25 thoughts on “The BEST DIY Disney Ears ( NO SEW)

  1. Can you provide the measurements for all templates?

  2. I LOOOVEEE it. You’re an amazing creative artist thank you for sharing your art with us

  3. What a great job they are beautiful

  4. These are amazing. Thank you for sharing

  5. Anybody else die a little when she used sharpie for that light pink fabric

  6. Do you have any for beauty and the beast?

  7. I’ve watched a dozen videos today on ear making and so far this is the best. Great job! So glad it popped up on my feed.

  8. So good, I wanna make me some Xmas ones!

  9. A Lilo and Stitch set would be cute.

  10. πŸ˜‚ I love how you banged the shit out of the headband.

  11. Where did you get your rose gold bottle caps?

  12. Will u please do more DIY mickey ears tutorials. Please?.

  13. This was so helpful!!!! Thanks

  14. i thought it was terrible at first but i actually really like it

  15. I would love to see what you make with the Toy Story Little Green Men Character but looks feminine. Thanks.

  16. I really love your videos but if I may make one suggestion, is to please post (in the description box) the things you used… You mentioned a specific glue stick in your video and gave it a good review but then when I am ready to make my shopping list, I'm scanning through the video trying to make out what was what, that you used. Very inconvenient, for tutorial videos, most list the items (sometimes even links to where to buy them) in the description box, so we are not going on a detective spree trying to find everything within the video, honestly I'm super annoyed by having to try and locate a 5 second clip within a 28 min video. It's really a pain. So please, in the future, do what others do; for tutorials, post the list and brands you prefer (even links when you can) in the video description box. Please. This is taking me forever to find.
    Lol then I find it finally and it's even MORE confusing. You wrote on it that you did not like these gorilla sticks over a picture of different glue sticks and say "only use these glue sticks" which ones??????? Omg… please be clear.

  17. I want an Eeyore themed set of ears! He's my main character along with Pluto and Maleficent (not the Angelina Jolie version!)

  18. You are beautiful & so are the ears you make : )
    Thank you for sharing your techniques & tricks!

  19. Wow!!πŸ€—β£οΈI’m so excited to level up to this from my simple wire version. It looks super comfy. Thank you boat loads for this tutorial. Xoxo

  20. Awesome tutorial! I actually like the ears a lil more towards the top. I’ll use this tutorial except for the ear placement.

  21. How the hell dont get a drop of glue on your nails

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