The $500 MacBook Challenge

The $500 MacBook Challenge

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Buying a used MacBook on eBay can be a daunting task, so for today’s video I asked my roommate Elise to join me for a challenge! I gave us both $500 and 20 minutes to go on eBay and buy a MacBook that would be suitable for daily use, college, writing, web browsing, etc. Elise has never used eBay before so this should be fun!

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36 thoughts on “The $500 MacBook Challenge

  1. You two need to do more videos–she seems like a fun, genuine person, that is great to hang out with. Wonderful chemistry.

    (And no, I don't mean it like that, though I did want to joke, people have just overdone it)

  2. Imagine being roommates with a girl

  3. He would have won either way, he would have got a 2015 and her a 2013

  4. Room mate, sure we believe you

  5. luke managed to start a civil war between white knights and coomers in the comments

  6. When you guys are getting married ?

  7. Luke is the luckiest buyer of Apple products on eBay I have ever seen. He ALWAYS gets huge bang for the buck and then some…

  8. me

    can i have the macbook? HAHA

  9. This is not faair… I’m from spain and I use eBay every day, and there’s a lot of good deals but these are all fom USA, and it’s like about a 30% tax and it’s not worth it 😕 I want to move to the USA ASAP

  10. 2015 model 16gigs of ram??? really? I never saw before

  11. the best deal i’ve gotten was a 2015 15” macbook pro base with a 512gb ssd for $460+ free shipping

  12. I bought a 2012 with memory issues for 120 fix memory and works great

  13. Luke, please show these stupid comments to Elise!

  14. Luke, I need SEVEN numbers for the lottery. Please pick it for me you lucky son of a mother!

  15. She was talking a known issue called kernel panic, a peripheric can cause a mac book to shut down

  16. I'd totally pay Luke to buy me a MacBook.

  17. I’m glad you made it to 100k Subs… I’ve been here since 10k 🔥👍

  18. Why does one line that he says go to a controversy

  19. Omg she’s so adorable. Like I wanna be her best friend

  20. J P

    Roommate lol. You're either gay or banging her.

  21. Elise is hot🔥🥵
    Like if agree

  22. While macbooks are great, to a certain degree, for cheaper you could probably hackintosh a standard laptop

  23. I got a Macbook 12 inch 512 for 395 usd on eBay

  24. head down girl ~ by the way , how is it going if connect it with a external screen ? working expansion

  25. ummm this is illlegal, i will take that macbook pro thank you 😉 😌

  26. Elise, Do you like girls? 😁

  27. 1:09 but wait. You already had proper MacBooks

  28. My MacBook Pro from July 2019 has already 91 Battery Cycles…

  29. luke opens up ebay : great macbooks come up, Elise rocks…

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