TEN ITEMS I Sold On Amazon For A Profit With Retail Arbitrage

TEN ITEMS I Sold On Amazon For A Profit With Retail Arbitrage

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13 thoughts on “TEN ITEMS I Sold On Amazon For A Profit With Retail Arbitrage

  1. Thanks for the video. I would not have thought to look at some of these. I have plenty of Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross Stores in my town and the clothing brands suck but I’m gonna be looking for stuff like this now!

  2. Do you use Tactical Arbitrage?

  3. Great content as usual Garrett! Very much appreciated all the info you share.

  4. If you live next to a Fulfillment Warehouse can you deliver your packages yourself

  5. Thanks Garret, great finds. Yep scan everything & sell items you've sold before.

  6. I agree about fast selling products.

  7. Thanks for showing a few items that my brand new account can sell! It seems hard to find these categories so thanks for ideas. I can’t wait to get open for personal care items. There are 5 dollar trees in my area that I can source for good selling toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo.

  8. I love selling those fabric lunch boxes, I had sold about 40 of a start ones one. My cost was $3.25 and I was profiting about $4 each.

  9. Garret, do you put things like the sandals and nurse clothing in poly bags when shipping to Amazon?

  10. Hey, man i am 6 figures sellers on amazon. I start 7 month ago doing retail arbitrage and my concerns is because I saw a lot clearance on Target but rankings are from 200k. This is something that you maybe consider buy to Q4?

    Thank you!

  11. What store can you greys anatomy scrubs?

  12. Can you talk more about private label?

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