Target Dollar Spot | Valentine’s Day Decorations #TargetDollarspot#TargetDollarspotValentine#Target

Target Dollar Spot | Valentine’s Day  Decorations #TargetDollarspot#TargetDollarspotValentine#Target

Great Hi friends!! I’m excited to decorate my house for Valentine’s Day. The perfect place to get my decorations and accessories Target. At the target Dollar spot.

Target Dollar Spot, Valentine’s Day Decorations #TargetDollarspot #TargetDollarspotValentine

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24 thoughts on “Target Dollar Spot | Valentine’s Day Decorations #TargetDollarspot#TargetDollarspotValentine#Target

  1. 🔴 Hello my friends 💗💗I hope you enjoy the video!! 🎉🥳 Happy New Year’s my Beautiful, I love lunches family!! I would love for you to get to know me better😊 any questions you would like to ask me is 🔴 Q&A ⬇️ time making a video pretty soon will love your questions😊

  2. Wow. Such cute stuff. Let's support each other. Thanks for sharing 👉👉👍👍♥️🎁🌹

  3. Grrreat video and you have a very beautiful channel
    . Lets join & grow togetherrr !!

  4. I like the little mini plants ❤️

  5. WOW I can’t believe Valentines cards already. We love the dollar spot at Target. It’s the best! Thanks for showing us, we are gonna go to Target tomorrow 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Hello! Your videos are very nice and fun. +1 like 🙂

  7. Great and love you video.. Sharing more loves🥰🥰😍😍.. Now im Getting excited doing videos for Valentines..

  8. Cute cards and liked the cups too! Great vlog!

  9. Bel

    I love that spot at target!! 💞 but mine it’s always empty 😭 where are you at ?
    * like your video, see you at my Chanel girl 🤩

  10. valentine day just now???… woooo

  11. New friend to your channel I got some amazing stuff at my target for Valentine's Day also which I'll be posting a video thank you for sharing this they have so many awesome thing sort of the Dollar Tree And Walmart… I look forward to watching more of your videos and if you would stop by my channel show me some love and become my friend that would be awesome thank you so much have fun decorating

    Mama's Little lambs

  12. I have never shopped the Dollar Spot. I love the cards and the wooded trays!

  13. wow valentine's already! I love Valentine's decor! have to go check it out!

  14. Si much cute stuff! I'm headed to target now. TFS!

  15. Nice video, new friend here, hope we support eachother

  16. I love the dollar station at target..Amazing Home decor..Loved it..

  17. Nice shopping, happy new year 😁🎉🎉🎉

  18. I am going there on Friday I can’t wait. I see so many cute things I want

  19. Big like dear ! TFS dear 👍
    Watched in full and liked!
    Stay connected🤝
    Happy new year 2020🛍🎉❤️🎊🎁🎈💥🌟✨

  20. OMG,Valentines is almost here too.Love those decorations ❤❤❤❤❤❤👍😍🥰

  21. Loved the dollar corner at Target. Thanks for heads up in this video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Yayyyyyy a Target 🎯 shopping video!!!!!!! Such cute things. Thanks for sharing my friend 😊

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