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3 thoughts on “Take The Bull By The Horns

  1. Where is the next episode????

  2. Hey Glenn. Few questions for you before I call BS on this.

    How did you get the construction loan while undercover, under an alias (that includes a social security number you'll need on all of the paperwork), no job which means no income and only living in a town for less than a month? In my educated mind, there is NO way that this can be done. How about the person that can come up with the $10K, look at a few properties but have no income, no job (like you) and a horrible FICO score. In my research a construction loan is pretty stringent in it's requirements. You need good to excellent credit, stable income, low debt-to-income ratio and a down payment of 20 percent.

    I'm just not buying that you are legitimately trying to prove that the American dream exists. It does, but not like this because it is SO unrealistic that it is literally unbelievable. This show is a joke. I watched the first episode, struggled to finish the second and only got into the first 15 minutes of the third and then I deleted the DVR's.

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