#Summer Fun Wreath# – Dollar Tree DIY Collaboration

#Summer Fun Wreath# – Dollar Tree DIY Collaboration

This collaboration is a challenge to make a summer wreath using 4 inexpensive summer fun items. The YouTubers involved in this collaboration are:

Country Lily DIY Decor:

Lovely Moments Creating:

Potraying the Craft:

Misty’s Mistyerous Art:

The Four R R R R’s Thrifting:


So I ended up making 2 wreaths for this challenge! The first involved an inflatable splash ring, a POOL sign, a pair of flip flops, and some funky sunglasses, all from the Dollar Tree. The second one used an old pool noodle for the base, then some floral leis and gerbera daisy clips from the Dollar Tree.

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29 thoughts on “#Summer Fun Wreath# – Dollar Tree DIY Collaboration

  1. I really like the inflatable wreath, it is cool! Might look good on the front door.

  2. Hey Sue, this came out so cute. Thank you for sharing 😊!

  3. Omg i’m so late!! It’s so unique! Stay connected 😊

  4. Good luck, don't forget, my friend God bless🙏❤👍

  5. That’s very informative video

  6. Creative! Glad you were able to get to Dollar Tree! 👍

  7. Very nice presentation..👌🖼👍

  8. Great Idea ✅ lIked
    We just posted a new art mixing video please do check it out and support by subscribing ☺️🙏🏼

  9. Well done! I confess to having both a flamingo pool float and a unicorn one in my pool. (also: rainbow, mermaid, llama…)

  10. Aww such a refreshing idea 😊 I love this so much dear! 💖 Wonderful work. I have missed your videos so much! Been super busy but I will catch up with time x x

  11. thanks for sharing,,,that idea..i finished watching to support you,,,hope you can do the same,,see you..

  12. Wow It's a design that makes me want to go to the beach right away!❤️❤️ I love it!! Like 20👍

  13. You r a brilliant artist dear. Big like for u.i am your new friend just joined with you.i hope you will do the same friend wating for your turn.😊

  14. This turned out so amazing 👌👌
    Joined you today…hope you do the same 😊

  15. Hello my friend . The new video is great! Full view video. Waiting for a new video. Supported your channel. Natalya

  16. Hard to pick a favorite. The first one definitely looks like something you would sea at a beach house and would sell crazy. The second won me over. It was that floral wreath that could go anywhere. Love the challenge. Hoorah! Liked and shared.

  17. Hi Sue~
    This turned out so adorable! I love it! What a great idea to use the letters from the "Pool" sign. 😊 Thank you for sharing!

  18. Very very creative. I love it❤🤩. I will be uploading my video soon. I had to travel this morning for work so I will uploading shortly. Thanks for inviting me. I had fun creating the wreath.

  19. Wow this is so beautiful😍 Thanks for sharing 👍👍 Big like

  20. Love the little emojis you used lol. The wreath was awesome!! Im glad im not the only one that used something already wreath shaped heheheh Thanks for involving me in this one I had tons of fun!

  21. Wow! Super fun wreaths! I love that you used a splash ring and pool noodle in your creations. The first is my favorite💕

  22. Thank you for hosting this video I love the idea with the splash ring that is a lot of blowing love the idea with the Sanders and the straw I enjoy watching you put it together from beginning to end your summer fun Wreath turned out beautifully thank you again for hosting see you soon❤️❤️

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