Spicy Tea Party Challenge Ft. TomSka

Spicy Tea Party Challenge Ft. TomSka

Wonderful This week, Stevie and the guys relive their London tea party with TomSka, open up about the epic Smosh news, and get a special look inside Rhett’s visit to Chase’s office with his new BFF! Let’s Talk About That! LTAT #026

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42 thoughts on “Spicy Tea Party Challenge Ft. TomSka

  1. When the American accents overtake the Brittish, TomSka ends up sounding Kiwi/Aussie/Downunder.

  2. The way she said ska is hilarious

  3. Who's Neal, and why does he look exactly like Link?

  4. If you like spicy tea google watsons miracle Elixir and order the ginger gut warmer coffe and herb mix

  5. Pat needs to show up more to slowly drive link crazy. That is so funny.

  6. link anatomy…

  7. I feel like Rhett is cheating on Link with Pat lolol

  8. I always say when offering a penny for someone’s thoughts that I expect change back.

  9. Etiquette dictates that when one cheers one must drink!

  10. Thank you for the animaniacs reference because it reminded me of college friends who scheduled their classes around that show.

  11. Not telling our sister what she was eating was squirrel/rabbit/deer/any other woodland creature is how we get her to eat said woodland creatures.

  12. Negotiating is better than asking for change back…

  13. I’ve watched them tour chases office like 800 times. It’s so perfect 😂

  14. Link's British accent was very fake Beatles, like when people purposely pretend their from Liverpool.

  15. It’s like the little boys with the hands down the pants situation… 6:11 Rhetts face

  16. Tom trys so hard to be mature

  17. British accents, mind games, tainted drinks, IT'S A SPY MOVIE!

  18. I really hope we see more of this dude, Pat. It could be a funny running gag (like Link with knives) that Link gets jealous whenever Pat is around. Lol. You could even have him on his own doing something unique like what Josh brings to the show. Either way, we need more of Pat. Dude is hilarious.

  19. I’ve come to really enjoy LTAT

  20. The beginning was hilarious 😂😂 thanks guys!

  21. Fancy schmancy tea party, and a lovely visit with Chase.

  22. Kinda late but I hope y’all can make an appearance at the next smosh summer games!!! 😍 guest judge or teammate etc

  23. The vidoe on tomska's channel is on his second channel called Darksquidge

  24. The beginning of this with them hopping around looked so dumb. I thought look at these millionaires dancing around like idiots. Behind the tablet I am watching a football game and a touchdown. Is this a stupid millionaire dance

  25. when in doubt, put the bad one in front of link 😉

  26. 1 2

    this is a bit cringy for me.

  27. Is he gay? Why did they cut right there? Weird

  28. Links little spooked run from the window had me laughing so hard!🤣

  29. LTAT Neal Anatomy Poster.

    I want it!!!! And I want it uncensored!!! 😉😋

  30. Rhett and Link who? I only know of Rhett and Pat

  31. I don't know, judging by that fancy invisible limousine I suspect Chase's Office is the parent company of Mythical.

  32. most importantly, where can we buy the Neal Anatomy poster? 24:50

  33. what does link whisper at the end?

  34. LTAT is cringy AF. Please end this series… its literally only Stevie's desperate attempt to be famous. She's not funny she's awkward and cringy..ugh end this please!!

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