Super Our eBay stores have been doing decent with the limited items we have recently posted so we decided to Source new inventory for our sites at the Quaker City Flea Market and a few Thrift Stores in Philadelphia. We ended up walking away with some good items we can definitely turn a profit with. #FleaMarket #ThriftStores #TuckandSammieVlogs


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INSTAGRAM – @sammix3_j @tuckerfupper

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●Sergius – Sky High [Bass Rebels Release]
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  1. First, i read thru some of the comments. People are idiots. Please disregard the haters. You are inspiring. As a 55 yo woman, i am a lil jelly. My super fresh Jersey Valley couple. Do what u do!

  2. Tucker I have spare Needle for that Record Player, or Head unit if you looking for one, Or I'll trade, Your choice.. ANd you Were Not that Far from my House..

  3. When can I get the full car ride on the bridge? I didn't want it to stop. What a great experience and footage – we don't get that here in the prairies. I loved the feeling of adventure that you gave us to start it off.

  4. Goodwills is awful on pricing, they get everything for free and over price most of their stuff. Some of their items in their stores are priced more than you can buy them for online. So not right, right?

  5. CHEERS TO 2020!!! Enjoy every minute,every step !! It DOES go by fast.XoXo

  6. Hope you soon feel better sammie… much love 🙏🙏

  7. Happy New Year, guys! Health, Wealth, & Happiness in the new year! 🎉🎉🎉✌🙏🐱🎉🎉🎉

  8. Are you in zoin park me near bird land

  9. Nice to see you both out and about! instead of working all the time! Love to see your videos! Happy New Year to you both and your fur babiesxx

  10. Check your mail guys, hopefully you got your gifts.

  11. 😻😻☮️😻😻☮️😻😻

  12. We can find VHS out and about at times as well…..we are very picky in our selection but they are out there that are worth a few bucks……..Keep on piking Rob & Lisa.

  13. kathy is a beautiful woman. i would like to date her. send me her number.

  14. Just joined E.H.T in the house now

  15. Awe!!!! Listen to Kathy, another strong and wise Polish woman <3 I'm turning 57, which is relatively young, but I just spent Christmas til yesterday in a Cardiac unit…. my gift was a second stent and another new lease on life. Live life not in fear, gather all the wisdom you can, and never pass up an opportunity!

  16. The military buttons and private school buttons have company makers name on the back and can be worth money good money

  17. Driving in the fast lane and everyone is over taking you🤦‍♂️

  18. Wow, she was cheery individual. That was more Freedom to Scream……….Get away!

  19. The big pocket on the front of the Eddie Bower rain coat is a pouch . Stuff the whole jacket into the pocket and zip it up! You can throw it in a tote and have it handy if you get caught in the rain😉
    Don’t know if that one is vintage but they were making those rain jackets in the 80’s I know cause I had one!

  20. I still have one of those MASE things from a fair 20 years ago. Along with SNOOP & TUPAC

  21. Strange vibe at that flea market.

  22. I would of loved to buy that vape as I'm in to vapeing 😤💭💭💭💨💭💨💭💨💭🔋🔋🔌🚭 thanks man ✌

  23. i would buy that turntable from you

  24. Look up Bargain Barons! Their house is filled with antiques and antique bubble frames with deceased people. They said they have never had any bad vibes or occurrences. Really cool channel. Antique photos and frames are worth money. Don't be freaked! 😺

  25. That lady giving life advice is spot on! ! Am 52 now but seems like only yesterday I was just 25. I’m making sure I enjoy the next, God willing, 50 years!

  26. Never a dull moment, thanks for the awesome day …. Margaret n Iceland

  27. I go to that flea market every weekend. I’m from Philly. I go every Saturday and then a different one on Sundays. I didn’t go this weekend because I didn’t feel well. Would have loved to have bumped into you guys;) Loved the video, feel better Sammie, much love from Philly💕

  28. R L

    Hope you two had a great Christmas! Yew!

  29. What a claim from Cathy! I came from Ben's vlog and I've been reselling for side income and your videos are always interesting. Keep grinding!

  30. They were called crazy bones lol

  31. My son just got a train set for Christmas it's a biggy Santa forgot how small my place is

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