SHOPPING WORLD'S BIGGEST DOLLAR STORE (and organizing a mini Japanese kitchen!)

SHOPPING WORLD'S BIGGEST DOLLAR STORE (and organizing a mini Japanese kitchen!)

Super Hey, guys! Today is a special video. I’m coming to you from Tokyo, Japan and the largest Dollar Store in the world, Daiso. It’s seven stories tall! This shop with me video is bigger than any store I have ever seen in the US. I hope you enjoy this shopping vlog and have fun as we organize a mini Japanese-style kitchen. There’s so much you can do with $1 products. Organizing your home can be affordable… no matter where you live.

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31 thoughts on “SHOPPING WORLD'S BIGGEST DOLLAR STORE (and organizing a mini Japanese kitchen!)

  1. I wish there was one close to me too !

  2. 일본 요즘 망해가던데 아직 여행 가는분이 계시네요

  3. You would have to have at least 2000 to shop at the store.

  4. Ohhhhh, wow!!!! It's organizing utopia! I wish my Daiso Japan was closer…I've only been once, and it was such fun.

  5. I really wish you would've done more Japan videos that was amazing.

  6. I just can't stop crying😭😭 This Daiso Market is huge and plenty of selections to choose from! Sooo spectacular😍 My daughter is taking me to Tokyo next year January 2020 for my birthday. I just love your v-channel. Konnichiwa🌹

  7. I'm pretty lucky, there is a daiso about 6 minutes from my mouse

  8. It might be hard to get those plastic organizers to fit perfect in the cupboard like that.

  9. I am the worst organizer. Do you think it’s directly because my house was a wreck growing up?

  10. How did I only find this channel today? Can anyone else recommend their favourite channel of any genre to me?

  11. m j

    you and charlie are just so cool!!!!!!

  12. I loved daiso japan. Hope I could have brought more stuff

  13. Nice store but that’s not dollar tree in Tokyo! That’s more than a dollar.

  14. 7 stories!! wow!! omg, we would go bonkers in there! Where we are in Canada, we don't have Daiso, but we do have Minisou which I believe is a similar concept, but smaller version. We LOVED the Daiso we visited in Cali. Great Video!

  15. yea, Daiso is a dollar store but everything there is super stylish!

  16. I need you to come and organize my dorm room

  17. Where did you get that cute purse backpack? Love it!

  18. You ever thought of a tention rod underneath the stove top and sink so the pots and pans can hook/hang from them?

  19. She is good organization yeah.beautiful organization.

  20. Whats the app your husband was using at the end

  21. Everything is Not a dollar at Daiso, merchandise runs between 150 usd to 10 usd , much like a And That store.

  22. Id be lucky if i found a 2 floor one

  23. Your channel inspires me so…..much… love you

  24. Hi .. congratulations on your anniversary. Daiso oh my goodness I wouldn’t want to leave the store. I would have to go by myself lol without my husband, because I would have to go to every single floor. I would be there for hours. You really did great organizing your sister in law‘s kitchen. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  25. Love your personality today I was not having a Pleasant Day but watching your video put a smile on my face thank you for that😊

  26. America needs to revamp our DTs and we need all of this stuff

  27. I could literally spend days in here!

  28. daiso hall in japan 😀 yes please !!!!!

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