Shopping for Craft Supplies at DAISO Japan!

Shopping for Craft Supplies at DAISO Japan!

Awesome Daiso Japan has the best craft section! In this video you can go shopping with me at daiso Japan and at the end, I will do a haul of all the cute craft supplies that I bought.

For my Daiso Stationery Haul check out this video:

Shopping at Daiso playlist:

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15 thoughts on “Shopping for Craft Supplies at DAISO Japan!

  1. I love this video! Which daiso location is this? It has a great selection!

  2. very nice video. please do more videos about Daiso and all the other 100 yen stores in Japan. I want to know 'em all.

  3. The branch that you went has a lot of choices. The one I went is not that big…T T.

  4. Hi Marie
    I can't wait to go I will be getting the buttons, zip pulls, and fabric's.
    I will be going crazy in there LoL.

  5. I would have picked that kuromi cloth too! 😁 really a fan of kuromi, uploaded kuromi collection as well to show my appreciation for kuromi 😁

  6. I've used those thin craft fabrics with cute designs to sew up reusable gift bags. I give them (with gifts in them) to friends, and also my family reuses them over and over when we give each other gifts. It's eco-friendly gifting!

  7. I don’t understand why you don’t have 1 million subscribers 🧐

  8. I love these little craft sections. We have a store a good while away that is closing, and that craft store was always a treat to go to, so a shame to hear. But anything to keep the artsy side alive is always a treat. Keep up the fun, and hoping you can get to a Daiso that was like the one in Japan. God bless yours and you! πŸ™‚

  9. Omg I wish I could go to a Daiso… that fabric is just gorgeous! Sanrio and Disney 😍😍😍😍 omg I would buy everything Disney as I craft a lot (almost every craft Ive tried and loved)

  10. LGK

    I'm guessing it's called "Wappen" because it's the German word for "emblem" or "coat of arms". Japanese has some loanwords from German, so it's my guess.

  11. hi! Marie love the patches and zipper pull and cute sanrio buttons
    Have an awesome day take care ❀

  12. Can’t wait to go to Japan πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
    Thanks for the video

  13. Can’t wait to go to Japan πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
    Thanks for the video

  14. Love this!! Would love to see a similar video with Korean stores. I love craft kits and supplies.

  15. ❀️❀️❀️

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