Shop Dollar Tree With Me | Any New Spring Decor?

Shop Dollar Tree With Me | Any New Spring Decor?

Superb Let’s go browse what spring decor is coming out!

We are heading to the Dollar Tree to see what they are putting out for the next season! Any must have items?

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28 thoughts on “Shop Dollar Tree With Me | Any New Spring Decor?

  1. I've been shopping at the dollar tree for the last 30 years and I see lots of different things now. I would like to buy those flowers for the spring and summer.

  2. Omg! The little houses are super cute… my nine yr old son Jordan is autistic & he collects those! The Christmas light up houses were his favorite and he loves to line them up and have them in his room 🥰

  3. Their products appear low quality. I 😖

  4. Love the backsplash idea! Happy New Year!

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with those stick on faux tiles. I've almost bought them numerous times.

  6. I buy the packaged note cards all the time! I call the flowered one Kokum scarf (Cree for Grandmother)…I make beaded red dress pins to honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. The pin goes on the card and I write their story inside. 6-8 cards in a package!🤓♥️

  7. Tell me what a fairy garden is

  8. I need to go to my local DT and see what is new.

  9. It is killing me looking at those spring decorating items! I know we have a long winter ahead and it's just begun. But we can dream of spring flowers, right!?

  10. Spring/Easter! I just took my tree down and put Christmas away! I NEED A BREAK!!! 😁

  11. Hi Sonia, Can't wait to see how the backsplash works out….are you going to show us the process? My car is in the shop so I'll have to wait to go check out my Dollar Tree. I need to get out to these places….you have inspired me!

  12. Aww I loved that look around , I make fairy gardens 💕

  13. Hello Sonia and Matt hope y'all are doing well. I have to go check out what my DT has put out super cute items love all the florals especially the lavender. Much love and big tx hugs from South Tx.

  14. That's a place I've been thinking I need to stop by and see what new stuff they have out. Now, I know I need to…and can't wait to see the removable backsplash! That could be a game changer!

  15. Always shop there for cleaning supplies, and lots of other stuff.

  16. Enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  17. There was no link in description box to your other channel.

  18. I need to go to my dollar tree. I always forget about it.

  19. Just do not like Dollar Tree. You get such poor quality and it looks like it. Ok, ok, so it's my opinion, but…no thanks

  20. OMG! Pink cattails!!! Gotta have 'em!!

  21. this stinks. My phone had no auto to this video.

  22. Was just there today🙂picked up a few Valentine’s Day decorations❤️

  23. I got some back splash from their other day too. I got the grey one to put behind my stove. Hope you do a DIY on this. I’ll wait to watch you do it.

  24. I'm so addicted to the dollar tree.

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