RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

Super Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Becca Frasier, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss zombies, restaurant wait times, teeth, and more on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 30, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (, ProFlowers (, TrackR ( Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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22 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

  1. This is such a late comment, given that I’m trying to catch up with all the videos, but

    Fun fact! Polydactyl (more than 5 fingers) is thought to be dominant in inheritance, which makes the prevalence of 5 fingers interesting 😀

  2. God Brandon is such an idiot and never knows what he’s talking about it’s annoying

  3. "My stomach hurts" Famous last words

  4. Why do people hate Brandon? He's a great guy. Alot of unusual questions but a great guy.

  5. Jesus all that hate towards Brandon is intense.

  6. Brandon on the podcast….SKIP

  7. I’ve always listened to the audio podcast. Becca managed to get me to check it out on YouTube JUST for that moment right before Gus leaves

  8. Brandon is kind of right in the zombie thing. Kinda just feel like you guys want your perfect podcast personalities for every episode. Brandon's alright.

  9. Brandon needs to take a biology class….or 5…

  10. It's 11.50pm at night here in New Zealand. 🤔

  11. If only someone would create a remix of all the best Gus: “Let me read this real quick.” Moments.

  12. I have a flip phone so I delete my messages like every other day.

  13. Watching this in 2018…yeaaaaa the conspiracy regarding the iphones getting slowed down.. thats is a real thing

  14. I just listened to this on spotify today… had to come here to see Brandon's teeth ':D

  15. "A plane is not a flying machine…" – Brandon Farmahini, 2017

  16. "I have a very mature mouth" Hehehe….hehehehe…..Hahahaha…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA HA HA HA HAAAAAA

  17. There's a lot of doubt about that being the etymology for "saved by the bell", it's far more likely that it comes from boxing.

  18. I love Becca’s hair / overall look.

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