Reselling on Amazon FBA – How we made $419 in 1 Hour doing Retail Arbitrage at Dicks!!!

Reselling on Amazon FBA – How we made $419 in 1 Hour doing Retail Arbitrage at Dicks!!!

Amazing Thanks everyone for watching!!! In this video we show you how we made $419 in 1 hour reselling on amazon fba while doing retail arbitrage at Dicks Sporting Goods and Bed Bath and Beyond. Please keep in mind as always these are projected profits, and we will make sure to repost final results at a later date. Thank you for everyone that stopped by if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below!!! #amazonfba #retailarbitrage #makemoneyonline

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33 thoughts on “Reselling on Amazon FBA – How we made $419 in 1 Hour doing Retail Arbitrage at Dicks!!!

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  2. great tips thank you for sharing ! what apps are you using ?

  3. How long will it take to sell all of those items ?

  4. which apps are you using for the capture pic to show us the ROI and profits?

  5. How to you take the price tags/ stickers off without damaging the packaging?

  6. Constructive criticism. I would recommend making intros a bit shorter. It feels as if I watch two intros in every video. I honestly skip to min 2 every time because it’s too repetitive. Just wanted to share that with you.

    Love your content and what you do. Thanks for sharing so much great info. Keep up the great work!

  7. Can you Sell Nike Socks that I buy at TJ Maxx on Amazon? or do I need to be un-gated?

  8. Great video! How come not everyone can sell Nike on Amazon? Also, which other brands are not allowed to resell on Amazon? How did you get to the point where you can sell those brands? Thanks!

  9. Do u think it would work to sell it on ebay?

  10. I love the honesty and also the presentation is just great..LOL

  11. Do a video on Brickseek please

  12. Awesome Video Love Watching Your Channel Post

    More videos👏👋👍👌🙌👏👋👍✌👌

  13. I lover to watch y’all videos as there is always something to learn! I do have one question about FBA that I’d like to ask: when I go to send in a box of items to Amazon each item needs a bar code sticker that I put on covering any other bar code but do I need to take any pictures of each item like I do for eBay? Do I set the price of each item? I’m still very confused about FBA as you can see!
    Thank you!

  14. Perhaps you could make a video how to get started getting amazon category approvals for brand new sellers

  15. My father’s nickname was Dick. During his generation the nickname for Richard is Dick. Richard Nixon, Dick Nixon. I’ve known two of his friends who were also nicknamed Dick.

  16. Pay no attention to the haters. They are the same people who scan four items and go home crying because it’s too hard.

  17. Hi! I understand you don't want to give up where you find your deals. My question is what is your process to do you use to find your deals. You mentioned you think outside the box. When you do that do you use the Amazon app to find your products?

  18. Question for you guys…If you buy a product(s) that have a discount tag or sticker on it, do you take it off before you list and sell the item?

  19. I prefer the ranking details on each item. Good video presentation.

  20. The hour to source is just the first part. I do this every day like you and I know when I get great deals in the store I'm happy but I also understand the back end time that awaits when I get home (tag, pack, ship). Good finds though.

  21. Also an important thing to remember about profits: prices will DROP when you send items into Amazon FBA so be sure you have good margins before doing so or you could definitely lose money on items sent in.

  22. How about this name for a store: Dicks & Beyond!

  23. Great video! I saw you guys mention somewhere that beginners should start by selling used books. How long on average do you think it takes to sit on books that you're sending into FBA?

  24. LOVE your videos ♥️♥️♥️. 'you are my peanut butter to my jelly 😂😂😂'. Thanks Justin & Kristin for all you do! Love the no excuses part too! 😘♥️

  25. Good morning

    How do you enter items on FBA?

  26. We have a hamburger chain in the Seattle area called Dick's…

  27. Great respect to you guys for the hustle! Keep inspiring people, Thanks

  28. GLT

    Could you please help me. I cannot get an answer from Amazon. I was getting ready to send a box to Amazon with two different types of products. It came back that I have to send to three different locations. Is there a way around this. I just want to send one box to one location. Thanks Linda.

  29. If you are doing RA how long should you do that before you try wholesale?

  30. Great video, Glad you are growing fast on this channel! Hoping I can follow in your footsteps 🙂 BTW, we almost went with a white helmet but thought it would get too dirty, how is your holding up?

  31. Hey guys, another great video! I just made it through my Amazon seller identity verification today! I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the videos!

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