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27 thoughts on “Pricing Your Handmade Soap For Profit

  1. this is exactly what i was looking for

  2. Stay in the black. Over head kills. Its a dog eat dog world. Thanks for being a player. Now is better time than any, everyone is getting "woke". Gaw i hate that term.
    Thank you Sir

  3. I feel the same, I’m an Aromatherapist & Herbalist I specialize in medical salves, balms, tinctures lotions and essential oil blends to accommodate my Clients. Well two years ago I was searching on YouTube for nothing close to making soap, I ran into a soaping video and clicked on it out of curiosity WELL NOW I was hooked, it was so relaxing to watch and I watched a few more within days and thought I can do this and actually make medicinal soap because I’m schooled in which oils are good for whatever skin issue. So I ventured out I started with a melt and pour base haha I thought my rose soap was the best until I tried to make an actual cold process, from two years ago I’m getting to the point where I have regular customers BUT I’m not making a dime I am spending. Long story short lmbo I purchased this book of yours. I have your wife on my Pinterest as Lovin’ soap. I really love yalls story. And yes I’m a Cajun from Louisiana I have a slang, try setting up a website and try to be professional with my Cajun slang and accent lol. Have a blessed day I can’t wait to get the book in.

  4. Unstead of selling pretty pretty, a plane bar of soap will do the same, well you go make your dreams,

  5. I have a five-year plan. Businesses fail within the first year for four simple reasons: 1) No plan. 2) No time. 3) No money. 4) Unrealistic expectations. You need to learn to crawl because you can walk, and learn to walk before you run.

  6. So the main question is… is he an idiot, or is just pretenting to be one to sell more books? Of course people open their businesses to loose money!

  7. I don't need no more books just looking to many ppl sale ing soap..

  8. Hi can I reach out to you via email? Do u have a email listed? Ty

  9. Basically what he is saying if you spend time researching new scents add that, price your label by each item after a font (flower different font, diff line, different color) string and paper label, sticker on wrapper, time spent looking for displays, vendors, areas to sell, photos, going over exspenses, driving to shipping location, absolutely everything and every second of the time you spend to enhance or better your business should be calculated and added to the total. Then divided into each month or week so that the price of each bar will pay for what you do. Hence the reason why high quality organic soaps cost so much, the reasearch and searching for high quality items is time. Time equals money. The amount of time put in to making the soap. Exact reason some of my soaps costed $23 a bar and some were a mere $12.

  10. Couldn't find page to buy book

  11. Thanks for this. I had the same issues when I first started making and selling soap. I created my own excel spread sheet to help me with this. You can put in your labor cost and any other expense that you need to and then enter your recipe. It gave me better insight to what the true cost to make each bar of soap was costing me. I feature a quick tutorial on my youtube channel of how the spread sheet works. I also sell it in my etsy shop. My goal is to help others as well. Awesome video and I love you channel.

  12. Basically he says that pricing should take into account all expenses, not just those associated with production. This should be common business sense.

  13. Sounds like soap making is not profitable alone. I've been making it for years and never got ahead either. I'll invest in your book Ben but in my experience the market doesn't want to pay for an expensive bar of soap. It's a hard niche which is why so many soap makers like Brambleberry end up selling ingredients etc and teaching instead. I've seen the pattern so many times. I'll continue to make my soap but not to get "rich" as ill be waiting a long time. .

  14. Thank you I can't wait to get this book!

  15. I am just breaking into this business is I stumbled across this video. I am blessed I did. I have seen so many videos about soap making but , none like this . Thank you for the education on how to not only make soap but, education about how to properly manage your business.. I absolutely love this video..

  16. just starting to look into starting my own soap business this was very helpful!
    thank you and congrads on your success and may 2018 be successful

  17. Thank you ! The Force is strong with you❤️

  18. sounds like another gimmick

  19. I just purchased and received the book, I been looking for answers about the pricing for so long and I hope I will have it with this book. Thank you.

  20. I've just purchased "Pricing Handmade Soap for Profit" and "How to wholesale your handcrafted soap"…. oh and "Masterbatching"!!!! I'm totally looking forward to burying my nose in these books! whoop whoop!!!

  21. I just purchased this book… I am so excited to read it!! I purchased and read "How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap" and it was extremely helpful and we'll written. Thanks for your commitment to quality products. 😊

  22. how i can get that book? and thanks for sharing

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