Prepping On The Cheap … Liquidation Centers & Dollar Stores

Prepping On The Cheap … Liquidation Centers & Dollar Stores

Wonderful Prepping On The Cheap … Liquidation Centers & Dollar Stores

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11 thoughts on “Prepping On The Cheap … Liquidation Centers & Dollar Stores

  1. Thank you so much for talking about this. I have been saying this about canned goods for years and most people do not believe me. I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, etc myself. For everything else I go where it's cheapest. For canned vegetables I go to Aldi because I would rather spend 35 or 40 cents per can than 50 cents a can at the dollar store. But other canned goods are cheaper at dollar store. Spending money wisely is the point we both are getting at and people need to learn this. Thanks for your input on this and I agree with you. Wish our liquidation store had not shut down, I miss it. 👍😃💖

  2. There are bargains and there is cheap junk. Agreed. I do a lot of prep buying at Thrift Stores

  3. I don’t buy most food products because of the name on the package. Most Great Value brand products are the same as the big name companies and I save a few bucks.

  4. Hey brother. I’m having the same struggle. I have a lot of videos out there and just cannot get solid traction. I go up 2 down 2. I’ve had an OK week and picked up a few new guys but for the longest time I hovered forever. I need to locate one of those warehouses. We have one in town somewhere that sells all kinds of stuff cheap! This includes food and stuff too. There’s also a Mexican market in town that has these HUGE $20-50 weekly boxes that have like 4 times the value of what you pay. Pretty awesome. Nice video!

  5. what do you use to make your bumper videos and to edit. we have a Liquidation Center here that buys and sells shelf pulls because of the best by date and all the other name brand stuff they carry and sell always veries but its loads that have been turned down by the buyer because the truck was in a wreck or high jacked and ins paid off and the stuff was recovered and sold off by the ins co to recover some of the money really good deals. As you said most store brands are made by big companies same thing in the cans different lables. case in point all krogers brand veggies in the can are made by del monte dole green giant ect

  6. I hit the Dollar store for McCormick spices, usually $10 for 10, for the regular size bottles (about 3 oz.). The supermarket charges $4 to $6 for the same label, and expiration dates don't matter for most spices. I get extra cayenne for first aid usage.

  7. Brand names…. or no name…. cheaper in better for can veggies.

    I have gone to Value Village for clothes I and very picky but you do get some good items.

  8. I'm a new subscriber I like your Channel stay in there it gets a lot better

  9. I found 2 scythes at a junk store for $25 each but have to wait till the 16th hopefully they are still there

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