Overnight $250 Walmart Survival Challenge

Overnight $250 Walmart Survival Challenge

Superb This Video is geared towards the beginner bushcrater or someone on a budget. You can still Get Out and have fun with Budget Gear. Please Hit The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS as well as the NOTIFICATION BELL. Feel Free to Check out my Amazon Influencer Page and Follow Me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks For Watching.





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33 thoughts on “Overnight $250 Walmart Survival Challenge

  1. Please Hit the Subscribe Button and NOTIFICATION BELL. Thanks For Watching

  2. I hate chilli mac omg jail killed it for me

  3. Awesome video. Perhaps I missed it but I'd probably throw in a small pack of wet wipes as a quality of life item. Takes up practically no space and feels great to freshen up in the morning – armpits, crotch and feet. Works great when it's a bit colder and you don't feel like splashing around in a river or a lake.

  4. Curious why you chose the Gerber over the buck 105 ( at least that's what it looked like)

  5. $250!! U know we don’t need none of that BS

  6. The backpack he has, how could I attach molle webbing to put a usgi fanny pack to it for my sleeping bag? I'll be doing it all by hand with the inner strand of paracord so it's strong. My blanket weighs no more than a usgi poncho liner but I might go to a wool blanket. Any tips or links to videos or articles to help with this?

  7. What stainless steel water bottle can I get that will fit the cup well.

  8. Just gotta say… your knot tutorials are the best I've seen. Thanks.

  9. I wish channels like these would have existed when I was broke AF working at Wal-Mart I would have gotten a discount on all of this stuff lol

  10. All those items look like you never used them, how much training have you actually done out in the woods

  11. If you can think ahead, A GOOD VAN can be a home/lifesaver! Get a license so you can drive it from spot to spot, regardless if for transportation. Even a car! Just something that can crawl about street legal, insured and registered. I suggest the biggest van you can afford and want to be saddled with! Driving it much means repairs, maintenance and accident liability, but I talking about just finding a Walmart and living there – I did for 3 years in my van with a broken transmission! Still, you should be able to find SOME place you can park it and camp INSIDE it nice and clean and QUIETLY!! Move it periodically as you can/need to! . Insurance is the biggest cost, but you should be able to find a cheap deal, and a van can be A HOME!!

  12. Best "cheap survival" video on the internet. Great job brother!

  13. Very good video, subscribed…

  14. I appreciate that the gear purchased was then shown being used. I often see vids where they toss a bunch of little gear into a basket for their "survival" weekend and think to myself, "Okay, Slick. Show me you going out and catching enough fish in that creek to keep everyone happy for the next few days with that setup."

  15. I completely endorse that choice of packs. I did some research myself a couple of years ago and the Quest was the easy winner. I believe it also comes in black and sand colors.

    I think about the only thing I'd take issue with is the choice of food, mostly based on the budgetary concerns we're talking about. You can get your carbs (and minimal protein) calories for a lot less than a $9 Mountain Home meal.

  16. I would be curious to know how many of those WM vids were not survival vids, but actually budget hiking/camping vids. Most of the ones I've stumbled upon that would be geared more toward a survivalist bent are put together by crazy preppers who rarely have enough room left in their bag to accommodate things like food once they get done loading about 30# worth of firearms and ammo in there.

  17. Thanks a lot corporal now I’m freaking hooked on your videos can’t stop watching 👀😩

  18. One thing never really mentioned in any other survival info I've seen. Overhead checks. Spent three years cutting trees out of power lines and one thing we were taught was to look up. Any time I'm near a tree I look up to see if anything is hanging and can fall.

  19. BFG

    Gonna freeze your rear off and get little to no sleep without an under quilt or pad for that hammock except on extremely hot nights.

  20. I prefer wool blankets 🙂 The old boy that showed me the way said 'they heavy so they keep you warm carrying them , then keep you warm at night 🙂

  21. For food Id go for freeze dried fruit and packets of ramen and snacks in bags

  22. It would be really interesting to see what sort of survival kit you could make from Harbor Freight products. They always have a large selection of tools from different types of hammers, to axes, knives, and log splitters. They’re known for their cheap prices too which would help make some sort of survival gear more readily available to people.

  23. I have been eyeballing the hammocks at WalMart and Amazon. Thanks so much for the great video. I am 6'5" and have begun looking at double hammocks based on your recommendation here! This style of camping seems very interesting.

  24. There are hammocks on wish that are 2 person with mosquito netting. Around $25 shipped. I got 3 full seasons out of it before the bug netting finally got a tear. Its only a 1 inch rip, but enough to let mosquitos in during prime season. Ordered another. The one with the tear can be for the kids to play with

  25. Gerber used to be good. "Higher end purchase" is the last thing I would use to describe their blades now

  26. I LOVE your channel but, you’re taking/teaching more steps than necessary as far as knots are concerned.

  27. I've heard the Marines are a joke but the only joke is the theoretical bushcrafters or the people who teach but don't show or use.

  28. Play the Corporals Corner drinking game by taking a shot every time he says "good to go". Guaranteed to be hammered 5 minutes into any video.

  29. Oh yeah $250 is a really big challenge

  30. Thanks for all your advice, it's very helpful… Wish I could join you guys on all your excellent educational camping trip..!

  31. Dude actually stayed out in the elements to prove effectiveness. Big 5 for you.

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