OUR $2,000 MISTAKE | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA | Make Money Online Reselling

OUR $2,000 MISTAKE | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA | Make Money Online Reselling

Awesome So Juston made a giant mistake. We were on our way to go to War Eagle Mill and Juston crashed our drone. So we decided to do some Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA the following day to show you how to make money online via reselling on Amazon FBA.

Quite Frankly, it wasn’t his fault. The connection between his phone/the drone was a little wonky at best and he lost reception as it flew into the wire. Lastly, we also discuss the benefits of starting up your own amazon consulting business for small businesses, and how that can be an instant revenue stream for Amazon sellers with absolutely no risk and ALL PROFIT.

Thanks to everyone that has subscribed to our channel and those that are new! We try to provide daily content to help you grow your online reselling business and help you earn money online.

If you made it this far let us know by answering this question: Should Juston get a new drone? 😀

As always we love you all and thank you so much for all of the support

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17 thoughts on “OUR $2,000 MISTAKE | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA | Make Money Online Reselling

  1. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! Share the video if you thought it was funny.

    Feel free to leave a comment below. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Definitely interested im consulting that is different material

  3. the popcorn salt listing on Amazon has a “digital warranty/recipe” how do i know? i bought the item from a distributor and the brand sent me a C&D letter because it didnt match the listing…

  4. Sorry about the drone. Numbers edit is fire. Nice work! I Like those tips too!

  5. I was going to ask if it’s foolish to ask mom and pop shops where I live. Thought it was foolish and somewhat nervous. You answered that. You gave me the motivation. Scanning tom! Thanks!

  6. I live in a rural mountain area with a ton of mom and pop places disappearing ☹️ I’d be very interested in watching a small business consulting series!

  7. Yes I would love to see this series on Amazon consulting for small businesses. You should definitely get Justin a new drone so we can see your wonderful aerial coverage.

  8. Glad you guys fixed the mistake with the thumbnail.

  9. Yes, I would be interested in seeing the series! Thanks guys!!

  10. I would love to learn more about consulting. I think that’s a great idea. So happy that you were able to recover your drone. But great crash footage lol!! Have a wonderful day!!

  11. Yes! Please do a series on consulting via Amazon for small businesses. The more we know, the more we all grow. Thank you for keeping us inspired and thinking outside the box!

  12. I would love to see a series on consulting and how to help small businesses.

  13. Oh my gosh…that drone sequence was hilarious.

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