New Survival Challenge in Maine, USA! | Tour of Zach Fowler's House

New Survival Challenge in Maine, USA! | Tour of Zach Fowler's House

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I made a video a while ago talking about how I was never going to do this again, but I changed my mind. Stick around for this years survival challenge which will be taking place in Maine with Zach Fowler.

Expected launch date will be around June 15th.

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43 thoughts on “New Survival Challenge in Maine, USA! | Tour of Zach Fowler's House

  1. Olight Canada: Olight USA:

    Get the PL-Pro bundled with a magnetic remote switch with price CAD$130.14 Only on May 24

    Spend over CAD$159 get 1pc I3T(tactical light) for FREE!

  2. You seem like a very honest and self aware man and it’s really awsome

  3. I am glad you did another Wilderness Living Challenge. If you end up doing more and more it would be great. I am late on watching but will definitely be catching up on the videos. Thanks, man!

  4. I binged watched ALL season 4… u 2 Rock!!! Never stop…. startin season 5 w/ u all ^5s Nor Cal… AWESOME TY fer turnin B on to wild Crafter & O -Lite WELL DONE Many thanks , Brian

  5. Hi: You are a good team, you complement each other.

  6. I'm glad u decided to do another one! If I based my videos on My Views I wouldn't do videos LOL

  7. I want to see you hunt using an air rifle

  8. Just finished Zach's view of the WLC, not to Chris's view.

  9. Adiciona uma legenda em português ou espanhol

    Pra expandir para o público que não entende seu idioma

  10. I love watching yous do this keep it up 😊

  11. I can’t stop watching all ur video I saw when u guys building the house on the woods love form Florida 💗

  12. I think out of all are the top 3 pussies on tube…gfy poacher

  13. I think out of all are the top 3 pussies on tube…gfy poacher

  14. I watched this video randomly, and you made an instant impression sir. You come off as credible and I believe that you indeed love what you do. I have bad anxiety and agoraphobia and haven’t left the house very much lately. If I could I would love to go on adventures in the woods, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. bottom line is I subbed about 60 seconds into you’re vid. I will be watching all you’re previous episodes, and I can’t wait for what you post next sir! Thank you for sharing you’re passion with me. 🤘😎

  15. How to hunt. On YouTube. Guy has some solid knowledge he can help you catch the coyotes or wolves whatever you got on your friends farm. Seasoned hunter and hunting guide

  16. 4th times a charm and That's a Lobstah… :o)

  17. I was not a subscriber the first 4 seasons, but I am now. Keep up the great content!!!

  18. Great season. So much clam fest. Be men

  19. I've been watching DropForgedSurvival and Fowler's Makery and Mischief for a few months, glad I found your Channel through them. Love your content!

  20. Plz don't stop the WLC it's literally my favorite thing to watch… Especially when it's a collaboration and I can see different perspectives… Seriously the best!

  21. LoL. Beardsman would starve to death, twice over, if he relied on his shooting abilities. Be it rifle, sling or bow 😛 Fortunately he's got more luck fishing.

  22. You guys should go to Hawaii and find a family or even just one guy that lives off the land like their ancestors always have and learn from them 😊 that'd be soo amazing to see and it'd introduce most of us to a lot of new things we've never seen!🤗

  23. honestly, u better meet Matt in Demolition Ranch, he will show you every gun you need for hunting lol XD

  24. Keep Pluggin away sir. YOur channel is great. Thanks.

  25. You gotta to apologize for not doing this challenge for a long time.haha. Thanks for doing this again Chris. Was waiting for it for so long. And with Zack it is gonna be one heck of a time, no matter how it turns out. Good luck and hope for the best.

  26. The bombing, and struggle is the truth in what you are trying to do. Showing it can be just as exciting to some as coming out on top. Some people expect things to just happen because it's all they might see in a video but that's not how it always happens. All of the hard work you put into which ever video you removed is better to have it online and seen slightly than never at all. I love what you do whether its a success or not, its what drives many people to get up and get out.

  27. you do so well at making me feel like i'm there with you

  28. I use to enjoy when you were building the cabin and kind of homesteading. Now you are just focused on sharing how to kill wild animals and eat wild game, which is cool. Why not finish the cabin dude?

  29. Glad you and Zach got together again to do another challenge. I really enjoy watching you guys together. Your personalities complement each other and makes for some very entertaining and educational videos.

  30. Lol. Ok maybe stick to clubbing. Forget the sling shot

  31. Not not clickbait. Selling out for a head lamp.

  32. ah good ol maine lobster. wont find any better anywhere. good to see you come to the great state brother. wish i would of known. Im a local here and love your content (:

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