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24 thoughts on “NEW hot buy paper pads @ michaels // Buy one get TWO free

  1. Hi there

    I am Rachel from inloveartshop, one of your followers and subscribers. As a journal lover, I do feel your love and professional in junk journal. And . Your jouranls are really impressed me. And you ideas are really creative and wonderful. Your works looks so great. And I know you like fresh journal stuff and make crafts. Do love your video!! We are also dies, stamps and accessories supplier. If you can something new to creat your art may can attract more subscribers. We have our website. And I think I really have lots of stuff you can use in your video on my shop. You can look our website first and if you feel interested, please let me know.

  2. Michaels order was lost at the Fed ex warehouse. I never received the packaged. Michaels sent out new packaged but only one of two items. I called to check on other. The were not sending out the other item and only partially refund my money. The were offsetting second shipping cost. So beware if ordering on line from Michael's.

  3. I went on Jan.3rd, and they weren’t on sale in my store. ☹️. At least there wasn’t a sign.

  4. Our Michaels is too far for me. Arlo has grown. She's cute

  5. At my Michaels store they had Stamps and Inkpads included in the hot buy. I bought a spring paperpad and stamps that matched it <3 I haven't seen anyone else post about those.

  6. Thanks Cool Mom. Because of your Instagram post earlier this week. I got 6 scrapbook pads at my Michaels store near home. Thanks again

  7. I knew about the sale, but decided to skip it… Until I saw the watercolor themed ones. Now I need to go to Michael's 😂

  8. Oh, I hope my Michael’s has the new paper pads! Especially the Valentine’s pads! So cute! TFS! Hope everyone is feeling better!! ❤️

  9. I love the matching jackets you and Arlo had on way too cute!!!

  10. Your daughter is sooo cute ❤ i'm really jealous about having all those supplies. Where i live, we have one or two shops which sell paper pads and always the same ones and like once a year. That rarely. And so expensive, it is like 45 dollars for each pad. The ones you showed are soo beautiful. I'm so sad that i can't have them. Anyway, enjoy them even more for me 🙈 sorry about my bad english 😅

  11. Loved the Floral Romance and Moon Flower Magic! So weird because I’m making a galaxy themed junk journal now and I was just thinking about how it might look to add some florals!

  12. I have the Floral Romance one it is gorgeous I made a junk journal out of it and it turned out really pretty! Im always a sucker for the galaxy themed ones and the woodland and wings is so pretty! I'll have to look for that one!

  13. Your daughter is gorgeous..she is growing so….fast. Tfs seen them last night didn't buy any but should have maybe I'll go back tom. Happy New year to you and yours.❤

  14. Love the stars purple one ♡♡♡

  15. I cannot find the Brewtiful pad anywhere within 200 miles and I don't want to pay the expensive shipping. I just may have to break down and do it though.

  16. Wow, pretty paper pads! Thanks for sharing. Happy new year 🎉💕

  17. Wow so many paper pads. I want them all. Wish we had Michaels, here but I have fun watching. Happy day!

  18. TFS! I bought some paper at Michael’s last week in one of their stores in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the sign said: buy 1, get 1 free.

  19. Oohh some pretty stuff! <3 Tyfs!

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