Neutral Farmhouse Coastal DIY Dollar Tree Decor!!

Neutral Farmhouse Coastal DIY Dollar Tree Decor!!

5 Dollar Tree DIY Decor ideas that are neutral, coastal, farmhouse, and full of all the summer vibes!
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Manila Rope:
White Chalk Paint:
Wood Glue:
Mod Podge:
Realistic Flickering candles:
E6000 Glue w/ Precision Tips :
Corner Bookcase Shelf:
Oil Based Sharpies (Writes on Glass, Metal, Etc):
Medium Point:
Fine Point:
Extra Fine Point:
Gold Leaf Pen:
Java Chalk Paint:
Oatmeal Chalk Paint: Chalk Paint:
Navy Blue Paint:
Pink Chalk Paint:
Black Chalk Paint:
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32 thoughts on “Neutral Farmhouse Coastal DIY Dollar Tree Decor!!

  1. The tissue box is lovely! Fyi….the cap is the color ( gloss is the finish of the white paint)..white cap is white, clear coat has a clear cap. I have had my family accidentally put the incorrect pic on a can, and had to improvise like you did! I like it better as it turned out lighter! 😊

  2. I love these! They are all so pretty. You're so creative. It's like you said, "So many options when you're crafting. Right? That is the best part. Just to use what you have, be creative, and have fun with it."

    I like that you did a craft showing how to recycle those sponge handles. As crafters we go through so many tools. Do you think you could try making something out of paintbrush handles too?? I go through so many paint brushes and so many varying sizes from petite to very long and big around. I hate just tossing them.

    I think if you added some sand or pebbles to that succulent it would look much nicer and finished.

  3. I literally just finished making the tissue box. I knew i wanted one the minute i saw this video. Just took me forever. Lol. I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Beautiful ! I love the base with the wood all of them

  5. Very nice! I think I may try these, but with twigs/stick instead of popsicle sticks.

  6. Perfect timing! I have some used up sponge painters. I'm glad i didn't throw them out yet! Thank you!!

  7. I love your candle holder! We are planning our 20 year anniversary ceremony soon. I am doing mostly DIYI was thinking of using the regular 4" taper candle to make a cake stand and for the risers between the charger plates BUT since you did the candle holder with the martini glass, I realized that I can use them instead for a higher rise – maybe I'll video it and start my own channel 🙂 . I am so excited and happy to have found your video! Thanks you, have subscribed!!

  8. I love the tissue box also ❤️

  9. Could have put a blue mix glitter sprinkled on top of glue?!?

  10. did you make the basket in this video ???

  11. Tacky glue works very well on the Tumbling Tower wooden block crafts.

  12. Love the all. So creative. Hugs & stay safe🤗🤗🤗😷😷

  13. I like the rope going to the top if the glass vases. Looks finished. Great video!

  14. Like all of your projects! Thank you for sharing 🌟!

  15. Very nice and great diys,💘

  16. The candle holder with popsicle sticks.👍🏼For my decor- silky rope, sticks painted with a black lacquer or metallic silver. You're creativity is boundless. Thank you. 🤩

  17. I would have put dark rocks with the succulent plant holder. Then with the rope candle holder I would have painted half of it a dark color. Also the candle holder with the popsicle sticks I would have painted them a darker coat and added nautical rope.

  18. WM

    Hi! Im coming from Ramon's channel. I love your diy's 😍

  19. Add a touch of blue for coastal look. Love you ideas.
    Put some food coloring over dried glue and see how that looks for water.
    Here from Olivia's.

  20. Give us some more this video as well as the other one definitely going to do the tissue box and probably some of the candleholders as well thank you thank you thank you🤗🦋🦋🌸

  21. I thought these videos were to teach us how to do projects. Not how to make mistakes!

  22. I love the light color it looks beachy. My pool area is decorated in a beachy/ coastal theme. I do live the desert but the previous owners put a lot of money into it so it stays. My front yard is a desert design so I might paint them bright colors so I think they would work there.
    My favorite is the vase with the popsicle sticks.
    Tfs and using your time to make the video! 🏜

  23. I love love love the tissue box!!! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing all you amazing ideas 💜

  24. Love these! My favorite is the tissue box. Keep em coming. 😊 God bless you.

  25. I love the tissue box!!!! Actually i love all the DYI'S!!

  26. Paint cap color was white not clear, lol

  27. I love all your projects. You are very creative. Thanks for the tutorial.

  28. You are amazing! I’ve been following your channel for forever and this is one of my favorite videos, Love it💙

  29. DT has small white chip rocks that would look great under the succulent to cover the glue and would go great with the rest of the nautical look.
    Great video!

  30. Try pouring in some sand into the vase to cover the dried glue. I think it would look lovely with the succulent. Anyway, thank's for the video.

  31. BEST trick I ever learned along the way years ago…..if you keep your glue sticks in the freezer, it cuts down on all those annoying glue stick strings! Ive been doing this for literally YEARS, and ALL sticks from large to small, from Gorilla GLue sticks to fabric glue sticks, from clear sticks to colored ones to glitter ones and it never affects the performance of the glue, but it cuts down on the strings you'd get. Ive taken them straight from the freezer to my glue gun and it works exactly the same, and Ive grabbed a few thinking I'd need them only to have one or two sit around for a few days before using and it still didnt leave strings all over. I did have older sticks I tried out that I got at the thrift store, like the glue was yellowed they were so old, lol, but I wanted to test the glue and see if age made them not effective…I out them in the freezer and when I finally used them months later, I found they were kind of stringy and gummy regardless of them being in the freezer for months, so I'd imagine they'd have been a gloppy melty mess had I not done that at all. the glue itself worked great, it was just super messy and I did have it hit my hands a few times, ouch, lol, and bc of the messiness, Id prob throw them out if I came across reallllyyy old sticks again! Lol!
    Anyway, love the coastal theme and the DIYs…I save those handles too, hahahaa!!! I also found wood filler for when you have holes in wood, at the DT in a tube, like toothpaste but bigger and I make sure to unscrew the foam head and plastic completely out (they usually screw in), then fill in the hole, sand it when it's dry, and just stain or paint it…I've used them to make "scrolls" for the Christmas tree. I glue them to a piece of craft paper cut to the width of the handles and length of whatever I think looks good. I glue a handle to the top and another to the bottom, then I stencil a design on the kraft paper with whatever color paint I'm using. Last yr I did deer heads! YOu can prob even do little beachy ones and make a "beachy" themed Summer tree! I have a down-swept tree I keep all yr and change out decor for the season!

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