Multiple Farmhouse Dollar Tree DIYS/ Many Ideas

Multiple Farmhouse Dollar Tree DIYS/ Many Ideas


9 Dollar Tree DIYS/ Black & White Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Theme~ MUST WATCH:

Dollar Tree DIY: 3D LED Buffalo Black & White Plaid Farmhouse Pumpkin🎃AMAZING Turnout ❤More Ideas:

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35 thoughts on “Multiple Farmhouse Dollar Tree DIYS/ Many Ideas

  1. My dollar trees (we have about 7 of them) don’t have any of these items, especially those trays, heck they don’t sell foam brushes! 😐
    These look great though!

  2. I hit three dollar tree stores yesterday and found none of these

  3. Omg I love all them 💕 Thank you for sharing with us 🤗

  4. Love the square topiary trays

  5. Wish my DT had all these new wood crafting items.
    BTW I'm still waiting for your diy of the Barbie bath tub, did I miss it?

  6. Love these ideas! Thanks for the variety! I subscribed !

  7. This craft is really good. I have to say.

  8. What section did you find the wooden trays? I just love them!!! 💗

  9. I dont know where you live but i want to move there my Dollar Trees have never had any of these products it is amazing the difference in product from place to place. I love all of these and thank you for sharing!!!

  10. Wonderful ideas, love them!!

  11. You are dern creative…I just love ur show

  12. Those came out cute! Thanks for sharing! You can do this for any ocassion!!Have a great week!😁😁

  13. Very nice DIYs. The pumpkins look so nice against the brown. 😊👍

  14. Hey Jen, I love the new items your store got. Yiur Dollar tree. I wish ours would get these small trays in. I love all of your diys!!

  15. Everything all turned out really beautiful. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Adorable 😘😘😍😍😍🏆🏆🏆🏆

  17. great diy's, i love them all!

  18. Love what you did with these trays!

  19. Love these, thanks for sharing!

  20. I love watching your videos especially the craft ones it gives me cool ideas. Ty for allowing us to watch. ☺☺

  21. Thanks for ideas jenny! Always love diys! All your pups r so cute, They sure love to run around your yard so much fun! Tfs💖

  22. Could you use spray paint on the trays?

  23. I love the differmt trays.. can't wait to see them at my Dollar Tree. Tfs… amazing ❤❤❤👀👀

  24. Such creative tray diys! They're so great!! I can't wait to try my hand at recreating one! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Such creative tray diys! They're so great!! I can't wait to try my hand at recreating one! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Loved these diy’s thank you for sharing❤️

  27. OMG I am in love with dark trays thank you !

  28. Love the stain trays! Love the green florals and pumpkins in the tray also! So pretty!!

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