MONEY INCOME and PROFIT Your MONEY STORY the EMOTIONAL ASPECT why you do or why you don't have MONEY

MONEY INCOME and PROFIT Your MONEY STORY the EMOTIONAL ASPECT why you do or why you don't have MONEY

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15 thoughts on “MONEY INCOME and PROFIT Your MONEY STORY the EMOTIONAL ASPECT why you do or why you don't have MONEY

  1. My money story: raised up by a single mom with not alot of money. My first money I earned was selling plant seed for a school campaign. I had cheated so I stopped money in my pocket and no one knew about it. When I was little I really hated the idea of working. I saw it like slavery but the time I needed money the most I did so. If I was at work I always got problems with managers because I went my own way but I NEVER got fired. Each time working became an enjoyment, not work self but the humble to success was my major goal. Now I am trying to bet in sports games. Not a really good thing but I was/am really good at it. So I went from winning a euro to ten and afterwards to hundreds. I knew some downfalls making some real dumb decisions, sometimes it was easy to come up but it getting harder and harder each day. It’s so fun to make money but very awful when you lose. So I learned to be patient in the future and maybe than I’ll score big money… and also keep on studying in investments also☝️

  2. I would have pissed! 15 years …what a waste..#patholodgicallycheap😂

  3. Are you from Adamsville? Dude if your from Adamsville this a very small world

  4. Money is just a tool to be able to enjoy a quality of life. WIthout debt & some income, you can live well on 15K per year. Your able to make more money, although can retain 60 percent of icnmoe with multiple of sources of income. Can't relay on just one source of income.

    Buy a used car & maintain the car over the years. Rich people drive used cars & poor people drive new cars.

  5. “He died… and the money went to the state” 😭

  6. Jeff bezo dad is cuban came to America at 16 years old not speaking english. Its that 1st generation immigrant vibe

  7. Glendon
    I need to ask you a question which involves my future and my kids future, it's really personal which I would prefer not to ask in the comments. How coud I reach you. My email: gordog0811@yahoo

  8. my money story starts as
    working with my dad,his father owned a grocery store in Jamaica, my mother's parents owned a shoe repair shop and grocery in the country side…business is in my blood.

  9. My money story revolves around me raised by a single mother who did not know how to budget! In addition, my mother would stress only formal education and believe that to make money, you can only make sensible money by working for another corporation, instead of entrepreneurship!

  10. 13:54 I don't think so either. He would have stayed married if losing half was even a possibility.

  11. My money story revolves around my parents. Though married, it was a have and have not situation and working where I had access to the ultra wealthy that loved talking to people willing to listen to their life story.

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