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  1. Sir,

    Thank you very much for imparting your experience. Hard work killed nobody. There is a zen in doing so.
    But being beholden to the system in my dotage is displeasing. Being purposeless in my dotage is horrifying. A purposeful, active mind and body till the end.

  2. People watching to do self portraits

  3. I feel like I owe the world more inspirational creativity. I do know how to make myself happy…ride the train, pull out sketch book, and turn on jill Scott while people watching.

  4. 1) Drawing and telling stories makes me happy. 3) Freedom to me is to be an Artist, give back, and rent paid 2) Creative work and jobs that require a lot of customer service is the work I like.

  5. The last time I was truly happy was recording videos of my drawings on IG nd a date last week with a pretty woman.

  6. What makes me happy: The first day of Spring
    What I like to do: Travel
    Do I think I owe the world anything: The Bible says owe no man nothing but to love them
    What work makes me happy: Working from home
    Do I know how to make myself happy: Absolutely!
    What represents freedom to me: When I leave America to travel to a different continent solo.
    Last time I was truly happy: When I thought I was going to get an amazing severance package from my company in December.

  7. Being able to plant my gardens, not worrying about where my next meal is coming from, and knowing when I am gone my kids won't struggle like I had to.

  8. I sat down one day and realized what truly makes me happy is LEARNING things that are interesting to me. Seeing how everything connects and works and updating my views as more information comes in…. I took that MBTI and scored as a INTP. When I read the description I was blown away by the accuracy, and I know some folks dismiss the MBTI itself, to me it resonated. I can literally stack money (cause my burn rate is low) due to just reading, audio books etc. But I know I have to get out in the world from time to time and interact with the world as that is a learning experience all in itself.

  9. 1) talking & traveling with my wife, nephews and dog
    2)Target shooting and meeting new people,
    3)Yes, I feel I owe the world by taking advantage of the gifts the world has given me & leaving the world better then I found it.
    4)Selling & providing things to people that make their life better.
    5) Yes
    6) having time
    7)Right now because I'm doing what I want

  10. Happy? Answering suicide helplines. My gift is getting someone a hair trigger away from suicide to join me in gut busting laughter by the end of the call. Being in service to my fellow man in any of the rooms of Bill W and its cousins. Building things, electronics that people tell me can't be done and watching as the listener or watcher shakes their head in disbelief at that which should not exist according to their doctrine.
    Like to do? I love Japanese animation. I like writing stories and posting online. I love creating things…machines with my hands. Growing superfoods like wheetgrass, ginger and sprouting.

    The world anything? Sometimes I feel I don't have my dick far enough down its throat to show a small measure of my contempt for some of the people in it…and other times I know I am a little behind the curve. I need to help people more but must be VERY selective to make sure of the right cadre who can enter my life.

    Happy work? Building machines with my brain and my hands. Inventing. Planting and reaping what I sow. Permaculture draws me in big time.

    Happy self? Keep females at a comfortable distance, keep my thoughts and inner world private and inaccessible to them and make sure I weed out all the males that play male dominance games and keep them at the same distance as the females. If I am not producing and building and helping the right people…my ass is not happy.

    Freedom to me? Staying away from males and females addicted to drama…never answering texts, not answering the phone, taking train rides and speaking to strangers without taking numbers or contact information. Not answering personal questions from the terminally nosy who bring nothing to the table. Paying the utilities 90 days, 6 months or 1 year at a time.

    Last time? I'll have to think about that…

    A few things come to mind when you speak of how come. Most people I meet are criminally ungrateful for the incredible bounty that surrounds them. The lack of gratitude and the pettiness so very many bring to the table in place of the simplest milk of human kindness stuns me at times.
    Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor dad speaks of asking his rich dad what advice should he give to the average investor. Rich dad replies…"Don't be average." Got it. Never looked back after that.
    I believe between hiding in the herd like the zebras do in the hope that the lions will pick off someone else, their criminal and spiritually lethal addiction to being ungrateful allows them to pass on that excuse that they are too busy surviving to learn how to live and thus thrive. The last thing that comes to mind are the words 'supposed to and should' that so many cling to. You cannot use these words as part of living life on its terms and thrive. People that know better…do better. People that should know better…can't or won't. Why is it they can't…or why is it they won't. There is no mystery for me. Whenever I think of why people insist on bathing in mediocrity and then whining about the results…these few things come to mind. Hope this helped.

  11. The future economy is going to become "cognitively complex". No longer can a person graduate from high school and acquire a high quality of life. People must go into tertiary education rather that be university, college, technical school, trade school, or vocational school. People must also learn to do self-development and train ones self in acquiring skills!

  12. With all that programming in movies, I'm kind of glad I don't really watch them. I imagine the video games I play have similar effects though.

  13. 1) Creating or composing music makes me happiest.
    2) I like to compose, create, write or sing.
    3) I believe I owe the world a product or service or a lasting thing that will enrich others.
    4)Composing music and teaching it to others makes me happy in a work situation.
    5) I just go into writing and creating and that's how I make myself happy. I also like to go on walks. That releases the endorphins that allow me to come back and create.
    6) Being able to create and teach on a daily basis with/without it being a job.
    7) I was really happy yesterday because I've been allowing myself to play music again.

    I notice music is #1. So, I hope this gives some prospective from me. My wife and I have said we don't think I would ever retire from writing or teaching.

  14. What makes me happy? Being content and one with the world
    What do I like to do? Play creative video games
    What do I owe the world? Leave a better carbon footprint
    What kind of work makes me happy? Creative Design
    Do you know how to make yourself happy? Flushing out negative thoughts
    What represents freedom to me? Being able to do more of what I love and less of what I don't
    The last time I was truly happy? Meditating while up on a peak

  15. My thing is recreating narratives daily that I can follow when other plans fall apart.

  16. Not being micromanaged, being able to be around people that subtly motivate me to keep in shape, praying in church, working so I can occupy my time.

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