MONEY INCOME and PROFIT money is important and so is your HUSTLE why you need to make MONEY NOW!

MONEY INCOME and PROFIT money is important and so is your HUSTLE why you need to make MONEY NOW!

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14 thoughts on “MONEY INCOME and PROFIT money is important and so is your HUSTLE why you need to make MONEY NOW!

  1. I’m trying not to worry about big brother, I hope everything is good

  2. I listen to this guy alot and each day he is speaking the real. Time vs. Money.

  3. Hustle Harder is the motto I live by. Financial Freedom will give you all the women you need.

  4. Hustling every day in unbereats on a bike 10 hrs a day or more and I love it lol

  5. Hell yeah Uncle G! I been waiting for a stream like this. Talk that shit !! $$$

  6. I hear you. Need to make that money.
    I suppose the young rapper stars who brag about the millions they make at very young age are what we all should strive for.
    You preach in similar manner. Your businesses worked out for you, and you are rich and get to do whatever you want in life just like Drake, Dr. Dre, 50 cent,,, Not many will achieve that level no matter how hard they try, or how many of your courses they purchase.
    Rather than purchasing your courses, and making you richer, your audience would have better chance living your lifestyle playing powerball and getting lucky.
    Maybe Drake should start you tube page and sell his steps to being a successful rapper while bragging about all the women he gets to sleep with.
    You are exactly what is needed to lift the black community. Just be like me filthy rich, by sending me your money for the dream you are not likely to achieve.

  7. Bro what u said about white people is actually recorded to happen to white folks in this last days , recorded in the Bible the book of Obadiyah . Most people don’t know who today’s races are in the Bible . The white man changed all the nations names . That’s y we not to marry or deal with there women, Iam not talking everyday dealings shopping or doing business, just in there holidays and customs or curses will came on us . But Iam glad u said those things it’s All true …..All Nations had a chance to the full range of the planet, Israelites is next ,the descendants of the slaves will be on top next ! Its always something hard to believe the last will be the first

  8. Don’t link any of your channels to the manosphere! Manosphere is wack and full of desperate, depressed and ignorant dudes! Stay where you are!

  9. Lol…stop linking the simposphere with us hoteps:)

  10. I hear you!! There's comments on various sites making reference to how they/others are "meant to be broke"….likes it part of their DNA!!!Sad!!

  11. People are dumb when it comes to being prepared

  12. 22 and I'm with you so many of my gin need to grow up I"m 88% at being able to start my business I truly have multiple goal I'm going to accomplish

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