MONEY INCOME and PROFIT how to have consistent cash flow in your BUSINESS the art of making MONEY

MONEY INCOME and PROFIT how to have consistent cash flow in your BUSINESS the art of making MONEY

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10 thoughts on “MONEY INCOME and PROFIT how to have consistent cash flow in your BUSINESS the art of making MONEY

  1. great video, well said. the reality of business.

  2. How many ppl will subscribe and watch my videos if I start videos on the science of turning certain material into large sums of profit money and how to maintain the cashflow using certain mindsets and types of mentalitys that will change not only you but the the amount of money in your pocket. These things are Only for people who are prepared to get in situations that the normal human male or female would not put thereselfves in. Its gonna be shit that only ppl of age 18 and older who are fully conciouss and aware, woke. I dont think any youtube videos have been made like quite like I'm planning on doing. The material I'm going to be speaking on is raw and in your face. It will also in some way be for ppl who have questions on dealing with certain occult practices that deal with dark things that most people wouldnt be fucking with. I'll teach you how to safely to these things that. So that even you yourself will have protection that you dont pay for. I have learned all of my knowledge thru trail and error. When I tell you ive hit rock bottom countless times I mean it. Ppl who cant get a job because of your passed weather it being you have multiple arrests and problems with authority. Or even to people who cant get jobs because of their legal status. I'll teach you the loopholes around all of that bullshit. I believe if a man wants to better himself then he can. Its just that sometimes its impossible in todays world.

  3. Excellent channel : Everybody veiwing (hustle a ) go get a Whole Life Insurance Policies ,one or more policy (get policies on nephews & nieses or other family members , someone that your vested to . & when needed barrow against it. & veiw YouTube Channel Nelson Nash : Becoming Your Own Bank….."Infinite Banking "…. Thx

  4. This guy knows what he’s talking about

  5. Consistency before proficiency πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ I’ve got a part-time hustle as a domestic cleaner and it currently gives me Β£400 a month. It runs alongside my business and has been really helpful especially during lean months

  6. Fact: Smart women don't marry for thang thangs. LOL

  7. 35:00 How does one get a warehouse with side money? >$2k/mo with like a 3-5 year contract on side money??

  8. Hey Glendon. There is a movie on netflix called Kung Fu Hustle. Just wanted to let you know just incase the owe you a check.

  9. That was an inspiring story about the storage flipping

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